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  • 11-Jan-2016

Beyond Pink Spokane Inc


Beyond Pink is a Spokane based non-profit that is dedicated to saving lives. This fund raising charity’s primary focus is providing women, who otherwise would not have the opportunity or funds to receive certified breast exams with Thermography. What’s Thermography? We’re glad you asked. Thermography is a safe, non-invasive preventative tool used to help detect the early warning signs of breast cancer. Approved by the FDA in 1982, it uses NO radiation to identify precancerous or cancerous cells. Instead it uses digital thermal imaging with infrared thermography cameras to detect the heat that our bodies produce when there is the presence of disease, inflammation or increased blood flow to an area fighting off infection. While mammography is still a key standard to detection, utilizing thermography in congruence with mammography, detection of disease can increase to as high as 95%, making the odds much higher to beat the disease.

Each year there are over 200,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in the US and sadly over 40,000 lose the battle to the disease. Nearly half of those women are under the age of 50, which is why it is so important for women 20 and older to get regular exams with thermography. Thermography offers the ability to assess risk levels and possible trouble areas and empowers women to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to help maintaining their health.

Beyond Pink was created by Charlie Brewer and Karla Porter who shared the goal of educating and empowering women in the Spokane area in the early detection of breast disease. But more importantly they provide the funding for women, who would otherwise go without this potentially lifesaving procedure. For the last 6 years they have held their annual Beyond Pink Designer Bra Fashion Show and Auction and have successfully raised over $300,000 with 100% of net proceeds staying here in the Spokane area and surrounding communities.


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