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  • 28-Feb-2014

Coolify - A Decentralized micro-col


Post-harvest agricultural supply chain constitutes harvesting, storage, processing transportation & marketing. Losses in this value chain are a critical bottleneck for global food security. Most of the low income countries have high ambient temperatures and humidity levels resulting in 30-40% post-harvest losses in perishable horticultural produce. Cold storage therefore lie at the

very heart of agricultural logistics. India ranks 2nd globally in fruit & vegetables (F&V) production and has a thriving $12B cold storage industry. However, conventional storage systems in these markets are highly centralized around major export cities and involve huge capital expenditure. 80% of total capacity is utilized for only storing potatoes resulting in no room for horticultural produce.

Coolify is a micro-cold storage based business solution to serve the back end of F&V supply chains in India. It envisions decentralizing the cold storage market by setting by cheap modular units close to the harvest points. We propose to set up single chamber vacuum insulated panel (VIP) based cold storages. Each unit has a capacity of 1500 cubic ft, stores 5-10MT of perishables and has a capital expenditure of $8500 compared to $1.5M required for traditional bulk cold storages. The cold storage has been designed using the modern VIP technology that has extraordinary insulation levels, thereby minimizing the energy requirements. It further allows the whole system to be powered by solar PV system

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