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    Date submitted
  • 11-Feb-2016

Fire Protection Company


FireStrike Industries is revolutionizing the fire protection industry. We have designed a product to compete with sprinkler systems call the Phoenix. The Phoenix is the world's first fire suppression system designed around a patent pending infra-red targeting system. Compared with standard automatic suppression systems that either blindly spray suppressant or simply flood the environment, the Phoenix pinpoints the fire's exact location and focuses the suppressant directly at the fire, optimizing suppressant effectiveness for maximum extinguishing potential.

Combined with smoke detection, rate-of-rise heat detection, and absolute heat detection, the Phoenix greatly reduces the chance of false activation while at the same time offering rapid activation time. In fact, during one test, the Phoenix detected and extinguished a fire 26 seconds after detecting smoke, all while the ceiling temperatures remained below 80 F.

The patent pending Phoenix fills the gap between fire detection and fire suppression systems, offering full suppression capabilities at a price point that nearly rivals that of fire detection systems. Equipped with an array of onboard sensors and an advanced infra-red targeting system, the Phoenix is capable of suppressing or extinguishing any nearby fires by directing its onboard suppressant towards the fire.



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