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    Date submitted
  • 06-Dec-2017

Grunt Games LLC


‘Work’ is the necessary condition to maintain our life, such as food, clothes and shelter. On the other hand, ‘Play’ is a creative break to recharge our energy of life. Grunt Games LLC is a Game Development Studio with a passion for developing memorable games in the hobby games and video gaming industry.

Currently Grunt Games LLC. is getting ready for a 2018 launch of its first product for the hobby gaming industry. The company is also has plans for developing a series of small expansion sets that will continue to support and grow its customer base; additionally the company will be looking to develop mobile App version of the these traditional board games starting in 2019.

Grunt Games LLC. believes in the power of games for more then just fun but in healing. The future goals of the company is to expand its game development into gaming for the healthcare industry by developing motion sensory input games for physical and occupational rehabilitation programs. Providing prescribable software for patients that will allow for flexible rehabilitation/ recovery programs and reduce cost incurred on healthcare facilities from imposed fines from patient admittance

Grunt Games LLC - Meaningful Games for Meaningful People

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