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    Date submitted
  • 24-Dec-2016



We introduced the concept of machines that we call as ‘E-Collectors’. These machines will help change the concept of recycling.

These machines will be installed at various public locations. Machines will be compact size and easy to operate. The E-Collectors will enable the users to dispose of their inorganic waste and in return, we will provide them with ‘We-Convert credits’. The machine will Segregate the following waste category-:

• PET/Plastic bottles

• Glass bottles

• Aluminum cans (Beverage cans)

We follow a simple policy of 3Rs. It’s as follows

• 'Register' with us by providing us simple details. You can register with us just by putting in your 10-digit mobile number.

• 'Recycle' by discarding your PET/Plastic, Glass scrap or aluminum cans. A user can follow on screen instructions on the machine and within few seconds, you are done with your waste disposal.

• 'Reward', in the end, user will be rewarded by certain credits which he/she can use via USSD code generated on the screen.



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