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  • 09-Feb-2017



Zava is a toy company pursuing the creation of activity versus passivity. Our target market is children ages 3-10 years old.

Today we see that new generations are disconnected from nature. Technology is consuming the lives of children and affecting their creativity, behavior, and growth. It has been scientifically proven that play is critical for a young child, but quality playtime is being replaced by passive activities like watching television or staring at phone screens. This is why Zava has created an alliance with Lupe Toys, creator and manufacturer in Mexico City. Zava’s goal is to make the connection between nature and play in order to help kids get the play time they need to grow and develop for future success. We take well-known common games like puzzles, construction toys, and coloring books and transform their design. Our toys are not mass-produced, but rather created with care and thoughtfulness by a team of architects, artists, and designers in Mexico City. Every design is influenced by the shapes that make up the natural world, like rocks, trees, and minerals. Colors are carefully chosen in order to invite kids to play.

We have four different products: Rami, Prisma Foldable, Origo, and didactic coloring books. Origo is a unique puzzle. Only eight different pieces can create an infinite combination of designs. Prisma foldable is a DIY paper chess set inspired by minerals and natural rock formations. Children can fold and paste the cutouts to create the pieces for the chess set. Rami is a construction toy that replicates the structure of a variety of plants and trees. By snapping the branches together and changing their configuration, kids can build anything from the leaf of a tree to an an entire oak tree. The didactic coloring book is a small grid notebook that includes a game on each page that teaches about how patterns are created in nature.

Prior sales success in Mexico inspired the exclusive alliance between Zava and Lupe Toys. We believe that by exporting the toys to the United States, and especially to Texas and California, we will be able to acquire market share in the toy industry. According to the Toy Industry Association, 97.7% of toy manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors in the United States are small businesses. Zava’s innovative toys and design makes it competitive in the market. We believe the best option is to have more than one revenue stream. So far, we are seeking to sell on consignment in a network of small toy retailers and stores in children's museums. Therefore, in order to start the production of 2,100 toys, as well as kick start our marketing and begin incorporating the company as an LLC, we will need an initial investment of $25,000. We look forward to fully explaining our proposal.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Nature-loving parents with disposable income and children ages 3-10. Parents who are looking for non tech toys for their children.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our team is made of multiple people from all over the world. The broad diversity in the team brings different ideas allowing the company to be innovative. The manufacturer Lupe Toys, has agreed to exclusivity to all products being exported to the United States. Therefore, design and product development are barriers to entry for other companies.