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    Date submitted
  • 31-Aug-2017

Green Lava Studios´s Next Game


Our next game will be an RPG based in the Relationship Awareness Theory by Elias Porter, The game will be published in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. At the moment we can't go into deep details with this concept. Here’s our company profile and portfolio:

Green Lava Studios is a three-man game development studio based in Costa Rica. The team counts with 7 years of experience and has partnered with Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One, Valve's Steam platform, and Amazon platforms among others, in order to deliver their products in worldwide markets, including Europe, North America and Japan. Green Lava has also worked with international publishers, like Reverb Communications (USA), Strategy First (Canada), the Pan-American Health Organization (USA) and CrossFunction (Japan).

In 2012 the studio received an award from Square Enix at the "Square Enix Latin America Game Contest". Games like “Fenix Rage” were featured in E3 2014 by Microsoft and Sony; the same game received the "GameMaker Game of the Year 2014 Award" by Yoyo Games. The studio's most recent games, "My Name is Mayo" and "Mr. Massagy", have gained worldwide popularity thanks to YouTube celebrities like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.


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