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    Date submitted
  • 18-Oct-2013

Aquaculture and Environment


Some time ago I contacted MITSUI BUSSAN Istanbul office on the same issue. I cooperate with them for a long time.

Briefly about my project.It is fishery project - installation of

closed water supply.There are chain of pools indoor and filtered water is supplied.That water flows in circle. Vaporized water replaces. Also water cleans up during the whole process because of it constant circuit flow. That makes the product (fish and etc) healthy,environmentally friendly and meets the worldwide Health standarts.

Suppliers of equipment and major assemblies German companies with a worldwide reputation

Using that system I plan to breed following kinds of fish:

sturgeon,eel, trout,burbot(eelpout) etc

You as grantor, you can use to give a certain percentage of finished goods-live fish or fry at the specified location or you can suggest your own variant of cooperation.

Environmental side of the project is does not require the construction of large ponds, reservoirs in the open, in which the control of water (evaporation and seepage into the soil) is very difficult and even unrealistic, which leads to a change in the climate of the region for the worse.

some data on aquaculture, pond farming occupies 1 hectare has a capacity of 5-7 tons of fish a year, and technologically equipped farm in 1000-1500 m2 is nice productivity of 60-100-120 tons of fish per year

Feature of the whole project,plan, building a pilot version, based on the pilot version of the attraction of a larger investment from

Mitsui(Foods) the purpose of obtaining project-growing environmentally friendly products, fish with the further implementation of the (export) outside of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), the reason, our region can not consume such capacity, but it can give, as said before clean (healthy) products

Cutting theme of healthy products, the water supplied to the

system,river water coming from the mountain glaciers or artesian

wells(Kyrgyzstan is localized about 40,000 large and small rivers

total length of 150,000 kilometers, the amount of about 47 km3 of fresh water), but in spite of the system provided high-tech filtration and further enrichment of the incoming water that positively affect the quality of fish produced

One of the important goals of the project, the research and the

possibility of domestication, cultivation of other valuable fish

species (inhabitants of water bodies), which is prohibited or limited fishing, in the case of positive results release a certain percentage of fish (fry) in a natural habitat , for this plan to create a selection-labs in the promotion of regional universities or(and)

universities that you designate - will advise for more detailed and scientific research.

you might be interested in this project

1. getting healthy, quality products

2. getting fry and adult live fish for stocking worldwide waters

3. stocking ponds in areas where there are environmental initiatives, projects

4. to track the production process (chemical and biological analysis) that, promised in the purity and health foods

5. You can assign a quota to meet the needs of your organization

6. getting sturgeon caviar (without killing the fish)

7.can arrange such а farm - the pool at your location, which will be periodically replenished by new supplies of live fish, which you will dispose of your choice.

8.creation of breeding farms valuable species of fish listed in the International Red List, in order to restocking of natural water bodies and for commercial gain

9. in the world a large number of pond fish farms, and later described them unprofitable and harmful compared to the technologically equipped my example, and in cooperation with Mitsui Foods is supposed to develop and disseminate high-tech farms, which have not only high performance, but also to give healthy and clean products. As well as the farm itself has no harmful effects on the environment and wise use of natural resources and, if properly managed, can be replenished to maintain biodiversity in the world

10.grown fish is halal (to be grown under the laws of Islam,in fish feed will not be used carrion and rotten foods, or any supplements that can bring harm to humans)

Some files for clarity

(Transportation is made in special containers equipped with oxygen generators and water heating, on the link is a visual representation of the container)



OsOO "PRaspekt"

TIN 02408200910110

Kerimbekova Str 71-6

Bishkek/Kyrgyz Republic


Original YouTube URL: Open

Introduction Video


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Major wholesalers of foodstuffs and environmental organizations. Preliminary agreement on the further development, with the division of Mitsui Bussan - Mitsui Foods

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

The project will provide an environmentally friendly and healthy products - live fish.These species of fish are rare and appear in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

The main reason for success of this project, availability of - opportunity to purchase rare species of fish, these fish species distinguished by special flavoring qualities and the body structure - no small bones, and conditions of detention on the farm exclude the presence harmful organisms and parasites

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Long-term study and data collection about technology, solid working relationship with Mitsui Bussan, analysis of the current market and the opportunity to be in Kyrgyzstan at this stage.