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    Date submitted
  • 02-Sep-2017

Programa Semilla


Programa Semilla is a Business development

company. We created a methodology placed

inbetween an incubator and an accelerator; our

professional team works with the entrepreneurs to

develop business skills in image, legal, accounting

and business management.

Programa Semilla lead, Semilla credit, an exclusive financing system for entrepreneurs and new companies in Costa Rica and co-organize an investment rounds focused on orange economy

Programa Semilla works with a comprehensive

support program that focuses on the creation,

development and promotion of enterprises.

Our fields of experience are traditional industries,

food and beverage, orange economy and


We have created our own tools:

StartMeUp: A board game designed to teach

business concepts like legal, management,

accounting, government responsibilities, etc. This

way entrepreneurs learn how to manage a

company and build solid bases to grow in the


PitchMeUp: is a practical explanation of concepts

on how to express an idea, incorporating corporal

control, visual and oral presentations.

An online business diagnosis tool: Awarded

second place in Latam as the best tool for

entrepreneurs support in 2016. This tool measures

the business development and identifies the

strong or weak areas of the company.

Our website has an event calendar, a blog with the

steps to undertake a business and a database with

General inquiries.

Our motivation are the entrepreneurs and their

achievements, they are who we are working for.



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