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    Date submitted
  • 30-Dec-2017

Body Aqua "Beverage with a Purpose"


Body Water LLC; Is more than a Company name, it’s the survival from 15 months of combat in Iraq, adverse conditions endured, and patriotism provided to this great Nation; called the United States of America, which forged the first Disabled Veteran flavored Kraft beverage called Body Aqua (The Beverage with a Purpose). Our company concept witnessed the essential need for water and how missing nutrients impact the body’s ability to function effectively and efficiently regardless of your age. Our Vision is to provide a key beverage that supports health and beauty from within. The structure of the human body requires key daily nutritional intake

and our company is organized to provide those essential nutrients with no chemicals, no coloring, low carbs, no caffeine, and no artificial flavoring to every human being, who needs fortified nutritional water to live a healthy lifestyle, while providing a great taste. Our beverage (Body Aqua) is the first product to support skin and fitness; with an American Flag with Disabled Veteran Own printed on each bottle.

Our brand is available in 22 Whole Foods Market in 5 states and have a LOI (Letter of Intent) to be carried in 240 Harris Teeter Grocery Markets in the South in June 2018. Our

competitive advantage is providing a flavored functional beverage that targets skin and fitness, unlike any other beverage being sold today and utilized diabetic friendly natural sweeteners in each bottle. Our growth strategy is to build the brand in 2018 in 280 locations and expand into the Military Grocery Chains and healthier markets with the increase of branding and capital at the end of 2018. Our current Body Aqua team consist of three members (CEO, CFO, and CIO) and plan to grow as our brand expands to include: Kroger, Publix, Earth Fare, Winn Dixie, AAFES and the remaining Whole Foods Market Regions around the U.S. The Health and Beauty market accounted for 62.46 billion in revenue in 2017, and supports a trend of millennials (40M), and Generation X (34M) population who cares about health and beauty and have money to spend. Our customer demographics are in the range of 18-65, regarding skin and health concerns.

Our competition is grocery space allotted at each location and new drinks that come out every quarter from Coke or Pepsi. The customer behaviors are embodied on the problem of knowledge and trends. The knowledge provides relevancy and a competitive edge for us; providing a skin product/beverage that supports the quest for everlasting beauty and supportive health goals with every sip of body aqua fitness line. Our marketing plan embodies patriotism, skin and fitness; with competitive pricing with Vitamin Water, Karma Water and other generic flavored brands loaded with

electrolytes. Our cycles of marketing will utilize 10K every month with Harris Teeter for advertising and promotions; and exploit Veterans Day and Memorial Day sales like no other. Our tactics will take the action of branding Body Aqua as the beverage of integrity, flavor and purpose. Distribution will be conducted by UNFI in Harris Teeter and Team Body Aqua for Whole Foods Markets. Our economic model is based on the variable of overall health and beauty demands of 2017. Our fixed cost are ingredients, advertising and promotions; but our variable cost are label and production cost, which decreases as we produce more based on demand. The operational plan consists of materials, production, inventory, feasibility (Testing, Non-GMO, Kosher) and cost estimates of a minimum of 120K for overall cost. Our management team supports Body Water LLC, but 100% ownership is retained by the CEO/Owner/Inventor of Body Aqua. The Board of Director is the CEO, while the Board advisors are the CFO and CIO having no equity in the business. Our Company has no shareholders, but utilize legal services as needed. Our Critical Risk is lack of capital for growing demand and expansion of body aqua health / beauty beverage line. The ability to compete requires variety, which is a problem we have identified creating 2 more flavors for each health

and beauty line to equal 6 flavors total. Our contingency plan is utilizing HQ’s (Home) as collateral for body aqua production. Our financial plan shows tremendous growth and sales for 2017. Our assessment of cash requirements over a projected 5-year period will require body aqua to have substantial capital for new contract and production of all six flavors of body aqua.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our key customers are between the ages of 21 through 50, being mostly women who have health concerns for themselves and children. They are 40M Millennials (21-34) and 34M in Generation X (age: 35-50), which makes our total number of prospects to be 74M who will support body aqua. Our expansion in the Asian market will place body aqua on an elite level with health and beauty.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

More and more Americans are very concerned about weight control, weight loss, acne reduction, personal image and the ingredients as entailed in various functional waters; which cater to notions of unhealthy weight gain, bad skin or bad content consumption. Our market demands healthier alternatives in the consumption of water and body aqua provides that healthy alternative needed to live better.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Body Aqua is the only enhanced functional water beverage, which is owned and operated by a Disabled Veteran. Our beverage line contains no sodium, to signify and support the 85 Million people who can no longer consume sodium or any products that will raise their blood sugars. Our lively skin beverage is the only functional water beverage supporting the beauty market, that supports skin from within, being the largest organ on the body, requiring internal nutrients, which we provide utilizing vitamins A-k2, biotin, zinc, chromium and crucial trace minerals to support skin health.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Body Aqua is already executing our plan of providing the ultimate fitness and skin beverage in the market. We currently are being sold in 24 Whole Foods Locations in 5 states, and have a letter of intent to be sold in 240 Harris Teeter Locations in six states in 2018 and received an interest letter from Publix for 1,156 store locations in the United States for next quarter. Our advantage is that there is no Beverage currently sold in the beauty market, or a beverage that supports fitness, and not sports. Our trump card is being a Disabled Veteran Beverage, using compassion, integrity, flavor and sacrifice to each bottle, being sold having a purpose, great taste and great appeal. There is constant fight for shelf space, but we have started a new market to bend the traditional ways of being sold as only a grocery item, but now health and beauty, which places us separate from a common flavored water with no purpose.