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    Date submitted
  • 27-Jun-2018

Child Distance Tracker


When parents take their kids to the zoo, Disneyland, or any other amusement park, not only do they want their kids to have fun, they want them to be safe. As many parents know, little kids like to wander off and when they wander off in an amusement park it can be hard to find them. Some parents have turned to leashes to make sure their kids don't wander off but that can be a hassle and a nuisance to both the child and parent. Using Bluetooth technology my product will allow parents to keep track of their kids hands-free. They simply have their kid wear a bracelet with a Bluetooth transmitter inside and set how far they want to allow their children to walk away from them. If a child walks further away than the set distance from the parent, the parent will receive a notification on their phone alerting them that their child has gone too far. The child's bracelet will also vibrate and play a sound letting them know they need to stop walking and look for their parents. The bracelets will be child-proof meaning it won't be easy for a child to take it off and there can be multiple styles so that a child wants to wear it. With needing only a Bluetooth transmitter for the bracelet, they can be made affordable while maintaining a strong profit margin. There is not currently any other product that is this simple when it comes to wireless tracking. The only other options are expensive GPS products that are way too complex for what they want to use it for. My product can be an affordable alternative for those parents that don't want to use a leash.

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