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    Date submitted
  • 30-Aug-2017

Meshan Dates and Sweets



Today, We “Meshan Team” are proud when we stand and look back at the very first day when His Majesty’s call to take care of the Palm Dates ignited the idea of Meshan and united the team to take such a challenging decision to become an iconic project with shadows extending all over the country.

Meshan has crossed a long journey towards establishing a brand that is known for its Omani originality and quality with a clear vision moving forward. To date, Meshan has produced more than 150 Tones of processed dates, acquired more than 950 customers and has reached a daily production capacity of around 450 KG. At the other hand, Meshan is a well known Omani business catering service provider.


It began with a pairing of passion and love for a treasured fruit that has forever provided nourishment to an ancient land and its people. This is the story of four Omani sisters, whose love of dates propelled them on a journey to select the finest specimens and infuse them with natural flavors, leading the way to Oman's first hand-crafted, premium date line: Meshan.

Each Meshan date and date sweet unlocks a chapter of an intriguing story. From harvest to table, each hand-selected date is treated delicately and with appreciation. Infused with the natural flavors of cardamom, almonds, local spices and dozens of other flavors, Meshan marries the best that the senses can experience from Arabia, Persia and Asia. The story continues with a stamp of approval by the sisters themselves and specially designed packaging that delights the eye even before the true experience of Meshan begins: enjoying these exquisite sweets in the company of loved ones. With such date delights at the heart of its offering, Meshan promises its clients only the most refined experience where palates are satisfied by the most flavorsome mélanges the world has yet to taste.

From the rich lands of Oman to the tables of its clients, Meshan's value chain secures an honest, fair-trade and seamless journey that focuses on the selection of premium quality dates for its wide collection of date sweets. It is here, nestled deep in the Arabian Peninsula where the date trade has flourished for centuries, that Omani farmers carefully cultivate their crops and contribute to the sustainability of this ancient sector. Meshan's farmers stand closely to the date season from fertilization to harvest, pursuing the tradition bequeathed by the nation's ancestors until this day. It is through the skill and endurance of these farmers that Meshan enjoys good harvests and a careful selection of top quality dates for their clients. Every box of Meshan dates emanates the true experience of the brand: celebrating the alluring flavors of premium local produce merged with discriminating connoisseurship that results in unique, handcrafted sweets.

Charged with countless health benefits, Meshan's fine dates and unique date sweets carry the soul of the ancient land into a growing number of households today. Dates are an excellent source of iron and potassium as well as numerous minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

It is the date's rich dietary fiber that aids in the reduction of LDL cholesterol absorption as well as retaining anti-inflammatory, anti-infective as well as anti-cancer properties. Prophet Muhammad called upon Muslims to break their fast with dates due to the high-energy health benefits found in this delicate fruit.

And the story does not end there: driven by their vision to create a holistic luxury brand, Meshan offers its celebrated date collection and exquisite date sweets in its newly opened cafe in Muscat. Meshan Cafe is an elegant haven for those who wish to enjoy the full experience of Meshan's gourmet collection or make a selection of their favorites to enjoy at home.

We invite you to enjoy our products and services and be part of a community that has an exquisite taste for date delights!


To become an iconic Omani food and beverage provider of exceptional tradition and international menus that reinvent contemporary interpretations of food and whose impeccable presentation and flavor fosters a love of food.


Relationships. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and building confidence and trust such that our clients will come to us again and again for assistance in filling some of their food and beverage requirements.

Passion. We are extremely passionate about the industries and clients we serve and our clients' F&B needs.

Talent. As an Omani born small enterprise we employ only highly talented Omani’s and non Omanis who deliver superior client service levels.

Service. We provide the highest level of service on every engagement. Our employees give our clients their complete attention and commitment.

Partnership. We promote a collaborative partnership with our clients and view ourselves as an integral extension of their business. We become a valued source of informal advice on F&B related to our product offerings.

Integrity. We insist on honesty and fairness as the guides against which all of our actions must be measured, and we dedicate ourselves to walking the high ground in all our actions. Quality is our platform for production and delivery of our dates, sweets and catering services.

Continuous Improvement. We work hard at being the best, we articulate how we want to work with one another, we constantly work to perfect the model and we reinforce behaviors that lead to top performance.



Meshan's dates workshop is constantly mixing and matching new flavors for its growing audience. The sisters' shared passions, as well as refined palates, drive the energy at Meshan's central workshop, which bustles with the free-flowing experimentations of tastes. A profound appreciation for locally-sourced dates has been the catalyst to a complex, sophisticated array of flavors that merge East & West. Our date sweets balance oriental and occidental flavors, incorporating a variety of herbs, nuts, fruits and spices into bite-size delectable concoctions for your enjoyment. Welcome to the world of Meshan sweets, flavor by flavor!

Premium Date Sweets

Meshan's premium date sweets are diamonds of the Omani dessert. Come savor the jewels of the Sultanate. Infused with the tastes of Arabia, Meshan's premium dates will transport you to a world like no other.


Paired for greatness, Meshan's stuffed dates remind us how two can be greater as one. Some things are meant to be together; the sun and the moon; Romeo and Juliet, Meshan's stuffed dates redefine these classic pairings.


Allow yourself to be surprised. Meshan's filled dates will entice you to try something new. There is nothing more alluring than the promise of a surprise. Meshan's filled dates will captivate you.


Meshan's handcrafted pastries in Meshan bakery are simply....life's delicious reward. Reward yourself. Redefine your day. Indulge in one of our timeless patisseries and make time stand still. We bake a range of pastries like croissant, fattayer, cakes, pies, and pizzas.

Omani Coffee

Enjoy the richness of Omani hospitality. Savour a cup of Meshan's traditional Kahwa and reconnect with old friends. Preserve the rhythm of our Omani heartland. Meshan's traditional Kahwa reminds us to make time for the people we cherish.


Meshan catering services evolved to provide a variety of Meshan created special menus with a range of traditional-modernized recipes along with international recipes. Meshan offers exquisitely prepared meals to variety of tastes with high quality ingredients. Since started operating, Meshan has become a well known corporate catering service provider to variety of customers.


This is your space to make memories and connect with the people most special to you. Meshan invites you to enjoy the pairing of food and drink, tradition and innovation and the ambiance of authenticity that comes from blending the ancient with the modern. We aspire to awaken your senses with indulgent patisseries, aromatic coffees and exquisite date sweets. We want you to experience the rhythm of our Omani heartland yet be inspired to create your own rhythm. We invite you to indulge in conversation with a cherished friend or be still and contemplate dreams yet to be fulfilled. Whatever your need, allow Meshan Lounge to satiate your appetite and nurture your spirit. We delight in being a part of your life and hope you will return often.


Since first founded, Meshan Dates and Sweets has become well-respected in their field, and serving Oman Air business lounge visitors, on Oman Air flights to Asia and Europe, the luxurious decorated Omani food restaurant: ‘’Al Angham’’, The Royal Office, several public sector entities, the Zubair Corporation, to name a few.


Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East for thousands of years. They are eaten out of hand, chopped and used in sweets, pitted and stuffed with delicacies, or covered themselves in marzipan or chocolate. Cultivating the precious fruit was always going to be an adventure, and we at Meshan decided to take up this challenge and have visited many of the farms in Oman to select the best of the crop to utilize in our factory. This initiative was born by its founders – 4 sisters – aiming to make their dream a reality in order for one day to compete in any international market in terms of quality, price and packaging.

Again, we look forward to working with you in delivering quality F&B offerings that are sustainable.

If you have questions, feel free to contact:

Ms. Shatha Jabri

Business Owner, Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobile: +968 97792463

Or at your convenience by:

Email: [email protected]

Face book: MeshanOman

Instagram: MeshanOman

Twitter: @Meshan_Oman

Thank you for your consideration.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

age between 12-55 both female and male people who like to go for coffee, tea, snaks, Dates, arabic coffee, lunch and dinner buffet

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

There is no luxury type of Dates, no hand make high end products. No coffee shop offer products with very high quality with Dates as part of the ingrediants offers as healthy products as needed.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Health food, Hand made products working closely with farmers and families who produce hand made crafts. offer high quality buffet food for business and events

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

We are locals, ladies sisters We manage and operate the business by ourselves, We offer authintic high quality Dates and high quality buffet lunch and dinner We offer authnitic food mostly support farmers and local families