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  • 23-Jan-2019



Ottia is a company focused on making creativity easy and helping makers and those who educate them bring their ideas to life without the hassle and down-time that comes with using most traditional maker tools like 3D-printers and laser-cutters. We blended our core technology (an affordable modular robotic arm platform) together with maker spirit to build our flagship product: the Ottia Maker Machine, a "factory-in-a-box" which combines all of the 21st century personal-manufacturing tools found in a traditional makerspace (3D printer, CNC mill, laser-engraver, and more) into one low-cost machine. We have built a very reliable machine that is much easier to use than our competitors while also dwarfing their build space all in a compact and safe machine with a lower cost than any other machine(s) with our capabilities.


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