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    Date submitted
  • 05-Dec-2011

Amplified Wind Solutions


With 6 billion wireless subscribers worldwide, and 8 billion expected by 2016, consumer demand within telecommunications is growing explosively. As a result, telecoms are increasing network capacity and building more cell towers both here in the U.S. and in the developing world. Powering these towers has become a strategic concern. This industry has historically relied on diesel generators for back-up power (on-grid locations) and primary power (off-grid locations). However, this solution carries a number of economic, logistical, and environmental concerns, and when combined with rising energy costs, expanding policy directives, and increasing attention to CO2 emissions, the pressure to find new cost-effective solutions is increasing significantly.

With our Wind Amplification System, AWS can provide simple, reliable power generation right-sized to solve this problem with capital and operating costs that no competing technology can match. Through its unique advantages, the AWS system offers a dramatic improvement over conventional wind technology through its ability to amplify wind. Additionally, it can operate in low wind speeds, making wind power economically viable in previously nonviable locations. For off-grid towers, this system can be used in a hybrid configuration with solar and fuel cell technologies.


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