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    Date submitted
  • 02-Dec-2016



TRIP (Techniques Recovery Innovative Printable) is an innovative productive process for the recycling of waste sludges of natural stone (as marble) processing, from which a new raw material called NIBIRU will be produced with 3D printer. Nibiru is sustainable, with low environmental impact and provided with better technical features compared to other materials currently on the market. At the current stage, NIBIRU prototype has been realized also with funds obtained by ARTI PUGLIA, thanks to “GIOVANI INNOVATORI IN AZIENDA” project. On Nibiru prototype three tests have been performed, in line with UNI norm indications and, starting from the raw material prototype, also an urban furniture prototype has been created. The novelty of the project is embedded in the quality of the raw materials, the beauty of the stones but also in the relation between quarries and landscape, between mining activities and environment, in a sustainable path that enhances culture, technical skills and resource efficiency. TRIP is the first to use the waste sludge of the marble processing for the production of a new raw material, usable for building, interior and urban design. Nibiru will have a disruptive effect on the target market, at Italian, European and extra-European level, because it is composed for the 72-77% of waste sludge deriving from the stone production that, returning to the solid state, shows superior features compared to the base raw material, such as low energy consumption during the production, hygrometric comfort, thermal comfort, fire and frost-proof and absence of toxic fumes in case of fire. It will be available at a lower price than traditional materials. The innovation project is consistent with the strategy of the proponent, leader company in stone industry, which aims open a new market niche where it will be directly protagonist, creating an innovative eco-friendly and economical solution.

TRIP has already obtained the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission (HORIZON 2020 SMEInst-11-2016-2017 of 24 February 2016).


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