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    Date submitted
  • 18-May-2017



KOOLFARMER is an innovative concept of agricultural production, training and online marketing that is generating excitement among our customers who are hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and households. It guarantees to them the supply of certified fresh fruits and vegetables produced on its site and on the sites of the market gardeners under the label named "GREEN BUCKET" respecting the health and environmental quality standards in all seasons at affordable prices with a better delivery time.


Additional Questions

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

All that the human being eats must be controlled because 80% of the diseases are due to food (See Books, Health by the wonders of nature and urinotherapy, volume 6). But in Mali, the report is there and it is very bitter. Vegetables and fruits are often grown in inappropriate places in gutters and dirty water. The availability of vegetables is seasonal, sales are poorly structured and prices are expensive at certain times of the year, especially in winter when they can reach 300% (USAID, PCDA, Trademap) from June to December. Market stalls are dominated by imports (from Senegal, Morocco, Spain, the Netherlands, etc.) of nearly US $ 17 million per year, the production conditions of which are still unknown. consumers for lack of traceability. Also, vegetable production is subject to the misuse of inputs such as unsuitable, adulterated or expired fertilizers and pesticides. These inputs pollute the environment, posing a real danger to health and ecosystems. Thus, the consumption of unhealthy fruits and vegetables causes health problems. Transporting these products from one country to another requires energy and leads to greenhouse gas emissions. This situation is mainly due to the lack of professionalism of local suppliers. They are poorly equipped to serve market garden products that meet health and environmental standards to consumers. This is why KOOLFARMER was born to solve this problem by training and support in production technology, local production and online sales of fruits and vegetables certified under the label called "GREEN BUCKET" respecting the health and environmental standards in force developed by scientific and technical partners such as the World Plant Production Center (AVRDC) and the Food Technology Laboratory (LTA).