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    Date submitted
  • 06-Feb-2018



UDU is an ecofriendly modular clothing company. For our first collection, broke down the stereotypical sweatshirt into its main pieces and allowed these to be interchangeable so as to create infinite unique looks. The products adapt to the user’s needs throughout the day, and can be combined to create five different outfits - ranging from tank top to hoodie – in 360+ color combinations.

The concept is best compared to LEGO, applied to the clothing world. We empower our users to show off their original style, rather than wearing cheap copies of what was shown on the fashion week catwalks

UDU tackles the current environmental and social issues in the industry by producing items with sustainable fabrics, sustainable working conditions, and sustainable product applications.

We ran a successful monthlong Kickstarter campaign in November, where we raised $10,000, and are excited to officially launch our products starting February 22nd through our website site, www.udu.world.

We are creating a universal system of clothing, capable of adapting to any situation, anywhere.



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