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  • 02-Sep-2017

Jeunesse Global


Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, healthy living, Discovering Financial Freedom and embracing life.

Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a (Youth Enhancement System) Y.E.S that enhances youth by working at the cellular level, by focusing on the health, longevity, renewal of cells by repairing and maintaining DNA.

The main Idea of Jeunesse is to promote vibrant, youthful results that last naturally. Jeunesse is not just about Looking Young but also to THINK and FEEL young for as long as possible by expected life-cells of humans according to scientific discoveries. Being distributors, our idea is to tap the global market by maximizing possible domestic distributors, while targeting international distributors as well in order to generate revenue and promote Health and Fitness that is actually required by the humans today.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

These are the people and places in Pakistan who have a potential need for the Y.E.S product system: • Health & Beauty-conscious people. • Celebrities, • Nutrition-experts, • Make-up Artists & Models, • Cosplayers or Costume-Players, • Dermatologists, • Anchors, • Fitness centers & Beauty Salons, • People with skin complications, • Students of age 18 and above, • Airline employees & People in Corporate Sector. Currently we have divided our market into three categories:- 1-Experts (Corporates, Businesses, Salons, Fitness centers etc.) 2-Close acquaintance (family, friends and colleges etc. 3- The other people, who may or may not know us directly, but are willing to be part of Jeunesse.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

The motto of Jeunesse ‘Redefining Youth’, promoted the idea in the current and up-coming generation which implies that today sciences can go further than just treating diseases or saving lives. Which means we can look younger, feel younger and stay younger. Jeunesse is one of the few brands that utilizes the skills and expertise of the global distributors for the distribution of Jeunesse Products. Jeunesse is looking towards to the future technology to enhance longevity and health. People in Pakistan are much more diet and health conscious as ever and this trend is going to get at a much higher level within up-coming 5-10 years. Fitness, Fashion and Beauty is rising exponentially and no other brand is offering such a complete set of products with such a synergy among them that all products complement each other while individually having exclusive benefits. We as distributors of Jeunesse are aiming to resolve few problems, like healthy and easy weight management. Permanent and quick skin improvements with Halal & Kosher Certified Products having Natural and Organic materials. The main problem is about the availability of the Jeunesse rejuvenating Y.E.S product range. We as Generation young, are aiming to fulfill following objectives: -Bring the latest scientific breakthroughs in health, skin care and anti-aging to as many people as possible, especially launching the exclusive product range in Pakistan. Their Y.E.S. or Youth Enhancement system is dedicated to helping people look and feel their best and enjoy a better quality of life. -Create an unprecedented opportunity for distributors, allowing individuals, regardless of prior business experience, to build a global business that brings in ever-increasing financial rewards. So that maximum people in Pakistan can avail the self-paced employment opportunity, along with boosting self-esteem and everlasting sense of acceptance. - In addition to above points, Jeunesse is also a member in good standing of the Direct Selling Association globally. EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES TO GIVE CHILDREN A BRIGHTER FUTURE. Jeunesse Kids™ is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of children worldwide. As a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) foundation, Jeunesse Kids is funded and supported by a vast community of caring individuals whose mission is to build better tomorrows for young people in underprivileged communities around the world With Jeunesse we can help solve global problems such as world hunger with programs such as Jeunesse Kids. Jeunesse Kids is an international nonprofit foundation with the threefold goals of releasing children from poverty, bringing education and healthcare to children, and ending childhood exploitation. A very important part of Jeunesse is that Jeunesse Gives Back. It is the Corporate’s Social Responsibility (CSR) of Jeunesse for the welfare of children in Kenya where Jeunesse has adopted villages for the deprived families for Food, Constructing Homes, Schools and Education, Health and Hospitals, with addition of Water Filtration Plants and Power Supply. All this is done by the donations from Jeunesse’s Profits and Distributors who donate, visit and participate in the construction mentally and physically. Food provision is also a high part of this because Jeunesse has served more than 10 Million meals by 3-4 years of its operations and now it is at a much high level. There are even monthly donations and Massive Donations on the Global and Local Events of Jeunesse. Through Jeunesse, we as distributors of Pakistan can actively participate in giving back to our own communities, by different cost-efficient plans. https://youthfulstn.jeunesseglobal.com/en-US/philanthropy

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

The claim to have the best-of-the-best formulas with breakthrough science and cutting-edge ingredients that work and penetrate the cellular level. All of the nutrition products and personal skin care line are centered upon health, longevity and renewal of the cells for results that last. By launching Jeunesse in Pakistan we can actually initiate jeunesse ideology in Pakistan that is promoting healthier, revitalizing and rejuvenating lifestyle. Operating in more than 140 countries and expanding. The Brand provides exclusive anti-aging products that are ISO-certified and Halal & Kosher-Certified which are based on concept of Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). The system is comprised of six product lines which are based on Halal & Kosher-Certified stem-cell innovation, DNA repair and maintenance. This gives Muslims states sense of surety and acceptance. As proven by jeunesse global The probability of selling to an existing customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer.If satisfied by the customer experience, 73% of consumers will recommend a brand to others, and 46% say they will trust that brand’s products and services above all others. HIGHLIGHTING JEUNSEE PRODUCTS FEATURE "Y.E.S"(YOUTH ENHANSEMENT SYSTEM). keeps you young in nine vital ways: REJUVENATE: The Luminesce® anti-aging skin care line restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your unique glow. DEFEND: RESERVE™ is a unique blend of superfruits containing a powerhouse of antioxidants that work together as a defense against free radical damage. DIMINISH: Within two minutes, Instantly Ageless™ reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores. RESTORE: FINITI™ contains a unique blend of ingredients and is Jeunesse's most advanced supplement to date. A proprietary blend, FINITI contains a unique combination of fruit and vegetable extracts. ENHANCE: AM Essentials™ is an innovative formula containing essential vitamins, key minerals and proprietary blends to help slow premature aging, increase energy and improve mood. PM Essentials™ is a restorative formula containing key nutrients and proprietary blends that fight against premature aging and prepare your body for a restful sleep. BALANCE: The ZEN BODI™ system targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle. Hence most importantly product range itself is the assurity to why people will be wanting to enjoy best of their lives. Secondly jeunsse business opportunity is open for everyone! It provides a platform to easily understood to a layman-who have access to basic internet and Technology.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Jeunesse provides an exclusive platform to every individual as a distributor, through which they may boost up their self-esteem and sense of acceptance. The Culture inside the company is promising, with global events and rewards that reflect the integrity and core principles of the executive management team. This promise will give great emotional incentives to the people of Pakistan at partaking in the journey of being a distributor and have rewarding relationships with trust, respect and love as their guiding light. JEUNESSE, provide rewards to the GENERATION YOUNG in four efficient ways; • Retail Sales - Introduce customers to Jeunesse products and earn commissions on retail sales. You will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices and earn profits on all sales. • New Customer Acquisition Bonus - Earn a bonus every time you find a new customer. These bonuses range from $25 to $250. • Team Commissions - This allows you to earn money based on the performance of your team. Best of all, you earn team commissions on products sold anywhere in the world. • Leadership Bonus Pool - These bonuses include trips and vacations to exotic places. • Jeunesse Preferred: The Jeunesse Preferred customer program (“Jeunesse Preferred”) is designed to attract and retain Customers by simplifying the Preferred Customer program globally. By introducing a simple, more lucrative Customer program, Distributors will be able to financially benefit from long-term loyal Customers and Distributors. The program allows them to choose their favorite products at the best price. In return Distributors, will earn Retail Profit (RP) from Customers’ purchases and full CV (commissionable volume) on all orders. What is Jeunesse Preferred? A Jeunesse Preferred customer is a Customer registered on a monthly recurring order (now known as “SmartDelivery”, formerly called “Convenience Plan” or “Autoship”) who purchases product at the Jeunesse Preferred pricing. How do Distributors get paid for Jeunesse Preferred customer orders? Distributors will receive real time commission from Retail Profit (RP). The RP will show in the commission’s report in Joffice™ and follow the regular payment process. • Social-Selling concept