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    Date submitted
  • 26-Aug-2017

Increase women's quality of Life


Based on Bigdata of women's body architecture, life cycle, and Health, Luxbelle provides better products or service by customizing & personalizing women's demand, resulting in better quality of life for women. Luxbelle is able to collect those needed data from online survey on official webpage and from offline place where customers visit and have a consultation with expertise. Luxbelle uses its own developed algorithm to recommended breast size and bra type with data set collected. Luxbelle is going to expend bra modules which is available to juniors and elders soon then, can have all aged women body architect data set firstly in Korea. Luxbelle is expanding its business to other Asian countries, and other products/services at the same time to meet personalized concept and have sustainable business to women who are looking for better health care and life recently. Luxbelle keeps developing technology including algorithm and design to give better customized products/services with this business model.

Accordingly, Luxbelle starts with "Sara's Fit" service which is customized bra products and service based on women's breast data. Sara's Fit invented basic algorithm to suggest fitting bra size by running its offline service. Sara's Fit has been running offline fitting room for three months so far and have stable revenue every month. Besides of offline fitting place, Sara's Fit is going to launch its online fitting bra service in Nov in Seoul, Korea to collect more data set of women. This customized/personalized bra concept is very new and Sara's Fit is the first mover to meet this idea. Sara's Fit is also the first brand to stabilized business model from collect data both in on/offline site to manufacture customized bra product in Asia. So, this has huge possibility to expand to other products/services with the same business model to keep business going on.

Women with better products has advantage of better health care and life quality and put more output of business activity, healthy life or taking care of their family affecting positive social impact as well.

Luxbelle wants to make products and services making women happy and positive.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

For now, our targets are 80% of women who are struggling from finding fitting bras. Our first target is women who are actively working on finding fitting bras for them. Those are in the age group between late 20s to 30s, and 40s to 50s. In a couple of years, we will educate all aged group of women on the right way to find bra size and how to wear. We expect our target age group starts from adolescent to 70s including breast-feeding women. Our business can be sustainable because of unique feature of our targets. Women usually keep buying the same product brand and bra once they find comfortable and fitted one. Our repurchase rate are high when we have new design line to launch based on our current customers. We have been measured their body architect once and they can just pay online for the product when they want to repurchase the same bra or new bra.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Women who wear wrong bra has 80% rate in general, which is almost every female does not know how to find fitting bra, or what bra type is best for them. Accordingly, we, women, feel bra is always uncomfortable or artificial invention. However, Luxbelle solves this problem which 80% of women are struggling to find fitting bra. In addition, this help women to feel comfortable for 18 hours while they wear brassier, having a better life quality and more active to work, take a rest, or take care of children. First of all, our service makes women love their body, own beauty and life, resulting in increasing the quality of life. “Be positive on own body” trend is recently privileged in the world and women tries to find products and services emphasizing on their natural body instead of artificial beauty or plastic surgery. According to this trend, our service, Sara’s Fit, help women find their own size and bra type which 80% of women do not know or have not educated well to know more about their body and own beauty. Finding fitting bra has more value than we think: more comfortable fit, more social activity and better fit with confidence. We collect data of body architect from online and offline site and suggest fitting bra size and type by algorithm we develop based on those data set. We also invent our own bra pattern from body architect and customer feedback, and manufacture our own products in Korea.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Luxbelle found that fitting bra is composed of right size, right bra type depending on the breast and chest shape, and feeling of comfortable for each. We have tested a couple of hundreds women to find these important concept for 9 months on off site. First of all, we invented 8 variables to measure affecting breast volume instead of current one formula with two variables which has erroneous. We developed algorithm based on Python with those 8 variables to find the right size. The accurate measurement algorithm is the best asset to find right size bra to customers. We create variables to measure of breast and use those data set by Python based machine learning algorithm. We will expand this algorithm to the shape of bra besides the right size. In sum, we are solving the problem of finding right bra size and right bra shape to customers who are struggling by customer's body architecture data set, right way to get data set by online fit test or off site visit, and excellent experts on breast shape, bra and consultation. There is no other fitting/customized/personalized bra brand/service in Korea yet. Sara's Fit is the first mover to measure and do algorithm to manufacture personal fitting bra. I strongly believe this business model which is accurate and expert creates success and expand to other item for women besides brassier and other countries too.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our team is organized with expertise on all area: Bra designer, Bra manufacturer, Data architect, Strategy and fitting consultant. We stabilize how to collect data both from online site and offline site which is only one brand in Korea. Our bra designer knows the bra pattern from the body architect, while almost all other bra designers just copy bra patterns so they cannot apply to other bra patterns from body architect. We also invented breast size and volume algorithm which is different from normal size formula. One of our co-founder run several startups and exited 4 times in the past in the states and Singapore.So he know the cycle of startups and strategies in line with growth stage.