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  • 09-May-2017

FlexPro Meals


FlexPro Meals is a web-based nationwide meal delivery company. Imagine going to a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day of the week! Lucky restaurant right? That's exactly what we do with our customers, giving them everything they need to avoid the hassle of cooking while losing weight and living healthy! Once our customer customizes the meal program that works for them, we deliver great tasting, hand packaged, chef recipes right to their doorstep all across the continental United States. It's extremely simple for our FlexPro Family; simply heat and eat!


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our typical customer is the type that would hire a personal trainer. We're looking for the busy professional, student, or mom that has zero time. Our food is fantastic and will only improve over time, but our primary value we give to our customer is convenience. Every consumer has some sort of healthy lifestyle or fitness goal, and we keep everything super simple so the customer can simply heat, eat, and go. Some of our customers are super serious on losing weight and getting fit, but most just want to live a healthy life and stay out of the drive thru. If we're talking a bit more analytical, our average customer is generally 60/40 male and female split with an age range of 27-38.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Delivering meals to your front door solves a huge problem when you're busy. Let's be real, isn't everyone busy these days? FlexPro Meals does NOT deliver only ingredients to our customer's front door, that would involve food prepping and cooking, which can be a fun activity, but our customers have zero time for that. Our customer wants to grab a delicious prepackaged meal and go. Our consumers are eating anywhere from 10 to 25 meals from us every single week, and it can be a bit more pricy than your typical cup of noodles. With that being said, if we want to really benefit our customer "aka keep a super high retention rate" then it is our responsibility to deliver freshly made recipes with no preservatives at healthy portion sizes every single time at an affordable price. To put it bluntly, though we want to keep our customers well fed and happy we can't have them getting fat. That's what the drive thru is for. Of course our food must be healthy, but let's not call it diet food! We serve realistic recipes, entrees you grew up on, family favorite foods that might bring back memories. At FlexPro we strongly pride ourselves in the amount of variety we bring to the table every single delivery with fantastic flavor. Our meals keep tastebuds thrilled and happy. Our average customer stays with us 4 to 6 months. That's always a positive sign that the majority of our customers are happy with our product and service all while reaching the goals they have.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

The meal delivery industry is becoming a massive industry. From delivering prepackaged meals, to shipping entree ingredients like a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, this whole concept is strongly successful and here to stay. What's crucial for FlexPro Meals to thrive is knowing how to scale efficiently all while setting ourselves apart from the competition. For a meal delivery company to scale, you better be extremely well funded because you're going to need multiple kitchen facilities to deliver fresh food to your customer in a timely manner at a proper temperature, whether that be delivering from a vehicle or shipping. At FlexPro, we run things a little different. Our headquarters is here in Kansas City, the middle of the United States. We can deliver meals via Fedex anywhere in the country in a very timely manner. The majority of our competition is located in large health & fitness cities on the coast such as Miami or Los Angeles. That's great for sales when that competitor starts up but whenever they try to scale and go nationwide, overhead becomes insanely expensive. I've witnessed two of the largest meal delivery companies ever go out of business for that exact reason whenever they tried to scale. Freshology and The Fresh Diet were performing at massive revenues, over 20 million in sales, and have both failed because of the massive overhead they created for themselves. As for FlexPro Meals, we will ever only need one manufacturing plant and it's based in the heart of Kansas City. Our logistics system works fantastic! So fantastic that 30% of our client base is in California alone. We're much cheaper than what California companies charge for meals and have learned to ship so efficiently, creating our very own "fridge in a box," that customers are finding more value choosing FlexPro than a local company. It's a fantastic system that not only helps us scale economically but also sets us apart solely from a cost perspective with our overhead being exponentially lower than most competition. The 2nd trait that sets us apart is the variety of our recipes. We work super hard to create a healthy version of fun recipes. A customer can only eat chicken and broccoli for so many days. If you want to keep a customer on for months, you need to understand nutrition and how to structure fun foods and realistic recipes into a consumer's daily life so they don't get bored. If you can do that successfully, then you've taken your meal programs from a weight loss program to a lifestyle program which keeps the customer coming back every time.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

FlexPro Meals has become quite successful through quality recipes and a lot of hustle. Team FlexPro is on the phones daily, calling and texting customers, prospects, and emailing our massive database for new sales. Good food holds a special place in the heart of the consumer, so it is important to meet our potential customers where they're at, show them value, and create a proper lifestyle meal program for them. We have a great customer service system set in place to where if we were to grow ten fold tomorrow, we would be ready. The biggest task at hand for our team is bringing in new leads; prospects that find us through our marketing efforts. In any company, good sales people are a dime a dozen; if a company ever has low sales, it's probably not because of a bad salesman, it's most likely due to poor marketing. As an online company, marketing is a huge piece for us, and to be successful at it, we need to know what we're up against. Our marketing concept has been well tested and is performing at a high level for the budget it has. FlexPro Meals must have a strong presence online! In order to not break the bank, it's imperative that we're extremely strategic here. Every search engine campaign we use is tested on Bing.com before going to Google.com to prove it's validity. Any marketing person knows Bing is not near as popular as Google, but your dollar will go way further there. So we find it smarter to test our campaigns on more affordable search engines before rolling them out on larger, more expensive platforms. Secondly, our social media presence needs to be exceptional. What is crucial to understand about social media is that, the company targets its customer here, not vice-versa like a search engine. Though marketing through social media platforms is generally much cheaper than a search engine can be, your competition is much more extreme. For example, if I target a specific type of person, I'm going to show up on their newsfeed. We're a meal delivery company, so it would make sense to show a picture of our awesome food. The problem with that is when you show up on a prospect's newsfeed you're now competing with anything else that may be food related. On my Instagram, one in four photos is a picture of good food that may be from a local restaurant, food blogger, or a mom's fun recipe, so it's very easy for your post to get lost in the mix of the competition. However FlexPro Meals doesn't gain traction by just showing food pictures. We're going to properly target our customer, and then capture their attention through value posts and bait titles. These posts and videos perform 6x better than other posts in terms of videos views and engagement. Every single week we're posting multiple videos we make in house of crazy things our consumers can relate to, such as common workplace practices and fun events. For example, we have a "Power Ranger Office Day" video where we all dressed up as a power ranger. That's pretty rare across the social media board and really caused our targets and followers to pay attention. With our bait titles, we use words, such as "Free Food" and "Eat Less Salad". Bait titles are meant to be kind of extreme really grabbing the focus of one's newsfeed. When we can bait consumers in, and show them value, then our brand becomes more established gaining much more traction for our sales posts when we are trying to actually promote our meals. The benefit to our marketing strategy is that very few companies actually do this. Everyone is taking food pictures, and probably losing thousands in poorly spent marketing dollars. Even when we post a food picture, sure anyone can make a food recipe look good, but we're taking our entrees a step further. We name our recipes fun and interesting names. For example, our Greek Chicken Casserole, is called the "Hercules Bowl". The same recipe but when you change the name of the meal, you've opened a large gate of promotion and especially for men in this specific example that may cause them to choose you over a competitor.