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    Date submitted
  • 16-Feb-2017



At our core, DroneMVP is an online marketplace that connects content seekers to expert aerial cinematographers. We work to create unparalleled footage that elevates both our client’s creative vision, as well as allowing our drone pilots the ability to easily share and monetize their unique skillsets. According to a PwC 2016 report on commercialized drones, the use of drone technology in industries such as film, real estate and agricultural landscaping is projected to exponentially increase by more than 6,000 percent by the end of the decade--an equivalent to $127 Billion in 2020. DroneMVP stands at the forefront of this growing market by creating a seamless business model that allows content seekers to save time and money searching for aerial cinematographers as well as allowing drone pilots the opportunity showcase their work. Together we create innovative content that engages viewers in a new way.


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