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    Date submitted
  • 04-May-2017

Bingo Mobile Application


The Business idea is an innovative mobile application called “Bin-Go”. Bin-Go is a conceptual system/frame work designed to enable efficient and effective waste management services, recycling activities, climate mitigation and also to engender sustainability as lifestyle. Bin-Go mobile App enables seamless communication between customers, waste management authorities, waste scavengers and waste merchants who want to buy recyclable materials such as post consumer waste plastic, aluminum/tin cans and other recyclables. Bin-Go App will also enable waste monitoring, collection and bill payment through a secured online payment system which enhances transparency and eliminate revenue loss.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Bin-Go mobile Application links every participant in the waste business ecosystem and enables seamless communications between all parties; Waste management authorities, customers, scavengers/waste merchants and recycling companies.F actors listed below are used as indicators to identify the specific targeted group;  Age : ( Adults; 14 and above)  Sex: (Male and Female)  Income level : ( low, middle and high income earners)  Education level : ( Any level but tech savvy)  Demographic ( Every demographic old enough to own a phone / has access to a mobile phone)  Location(36 states of Nigeria and Neighboring West African Countries )

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Waste management constitutes one of the greatest challenges in most African cities. Major urban areas in Nigeria are facing the same challenge and urgently needs an efficient, effective and sustainable solution. The Waste management agencies are unable to provide a lasting solution due to an over burdened waste management infrastructures, hence the need for more recycling activities, education on sustainable practices and climate change mitigation. My Proposed solution Bin-Go App is a platform which integrates the very tedious and capital intensive waste management business process in a single online platform that allows customers, waste management authorities, waste merchants and recycling companies to communicate and do waste business in a tidy and efficient manner thereby leading to more recycling activities, less incineration and landfills buildup and possibly reduction of natural resource exploitation such cutting down of trees for paper, crude oil for plastic production.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

The attributes that will make this idea successful are its impact on three levels of sustainability; Social, Environmental and Economical Impact; Socially Bin-Go is a platform that engenders social inclusion; It empowers and enables the marginalize scavengers who sign up on the platform to be recognized as a formalized, organized workforce that contributes to the environmental cleanliness of the cities/urban areas where our services are deployed. Other benefits of being signed on Bin-Go as a scavenger (or recycle marshal as we prefer to call them) includes access to free health care check-ups and advice from our partnering medical professionals, provision of recovery carts and uniforms, mobile phone with pre-installed Bin-Go App, training and personal development seminars, financial advice and a mutual trust fund etc..  Environmentally Bin-Go enables efficient and effective waste management practice; Bin-Go users are able to monitor their waste, schedule pick up time and days. They are also educated on the importance and benefits of right waste disposal practice and how they can turn their waste stream into a source of income through our recycling programs, which helps to reduce the waste ending up on landfills/dumpsite and also tackle the problem of post consumer waste plastics and cans from the points from generation.  Economically Bin-Go is E-Commerce enabled; Online activities/transactions such as bill payment to waste management authorities/companies, the opportunity for customers to make an income by selling their recyclable wastes to scavengers and waste merchant enlisted on the platform, who also benefit economically by having a wider reach and access to plentiful recyclables directly from it source of generation. Another metric to measure social impact and success of this idea are the feedback from people who become more knowledgeable about pollution, climate change, proper waste management and recycling through the educative feature on Bin-Go App. We believe all the aforementioned and three key factors listed below will enable achieve the success we envisage; >Robust and comprehensive knowledge of the market. >First Movers Advantage. >New Government policies with great support and tax waivers for green businesses and also the new cashless policy which will lead to more digital/online payment for products and services.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Eco Care team are young, vibrant and competent men and women with different academic backgrounds, skill-sets and organizational experience, who are very passionate, driven and committed to the achievement our goals, mission and vision. Our major differentiating factor from other existing businesses in our field is that we link every participant in this business ecosystem seamlessly; Waste management authorities, customers, scavengers/waste merchants and recycling companies.