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    Date submitted
  • 03-Oct-2017

SaRA: Surgery & Recovery Assistant


SaRA, the Surgery and Recovery Assistant, brings orthopedic surgery patients the first web-based solution that empowers patients to own their recoveries. SaRA provides personalized pre-operation education and uses machine-learning to tailor post-operative exercise regimens to strengthen patient compliance resulting in improved recovery outcomes and reduced readmissions. SaRA will focus on the 1.4M and growing population of total knee replacement patients while partnering with the implant manufacturers commercially. Our leadership team includes two MBA’s, one a previous entrepreneur, and a CTO with a machine learning Masters. With a growing market and ever-increasing funding for digital health startups, SaRA is primed to deliver a value-based healthcare solution that improves patient outcomes and provides an attractive opportunity for investors. www.srahealth.com

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