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    Date submitted
  • 28-Sep-2017

Reconfigurable Internet of Things


configurability as key enabler for trusted Internet of Things (IoT). This is the future for the Internet of Things to provide correct and continuous services in the face of failures and cyber-attacks. Born in 2017 and located in the technology hub of Urbana-Champaign in Illinois (USA), Reconfigurable Internet of Things, or simply RecoIoT conveys the experience of Dr. Mohamed El-Hadedy in researching and tackling technology challenges for distributed monitoring and control of IoT systems based on reconfigurable hardware and low-power technologies.

Key services provided by RecoIoT:

Design of resilient and performance embedded and immersive systems, covering requirements from disparate IoT adoption models

Research and development of new IoT-based services

Retrofit of legacy monitoring and control systems with IoT solutions

We have noticed many exist products are suffering from the lack of security due to the IoT area, power and battery life time constraints such as Packemaker, smart watch, smart sensors, ..etc

As a footsteps we built a couple of tiny security processors, which can easily connect to the exist technology to strength their security without violating the power constraints.


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