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    Date submitted
  • 10-Feb-2018

Smith Chae Ledger Laboratories


Our company combines traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solutions with the emerging and cutting edge Blockchain technology.

By leveraging a blockchain network for our system, we secure sensitive company and client data in a network built to be tamper proof without approval from 51% or more of the computers on the distributed network. This makes it impervious to intrusion from malicious third parties or hackers and saves on the costs of hiring security specialists to test the networks.

Blockchain is also utilized to create business records such as employee hours, client information, inventory, etc and transaction histories that cannot be changed and are stored in a graph database making the data easy to query and consume for data science and analytics.

We will utilize programmable smart contracts on the network to facilitate safe and secure client legal contracts without the need for a lawyer or prior legal knowledge.

By taking advantage of computer processor and storage resources from each node on the network, we can reduce operational costs by avoiding the need for expensive centralized cloud services like that of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

Along with reduced costs, we also get the benefit of having a more robust system without a single point of failure due to its distributed nature and how the computers supporting the network are spread throughout large geographic areas.

By utilizing payment processing technology like Xrapid developed by Ripple Labs, we can leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies to conduct secure, fast, and low cost transfers of funds between nodes on the network where each node may be an individual store location within a large company or a single client paying for services/goods from the company.

For these reasons, the combination of blockchain's distributed ledger technology and the traditional functionality of a CRM provides a clear and scalable solution to many of the various problems faced by both big and small businesses today.

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Who is your customer?

The companies who are seeking the service of CRM, Payment system, and in general a better security system for their business data.