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  • 01-Jul-2017

Recovery of plastic waste


CleanPro is a young company that puts technology at the service of the recycling and revalorization of plastics waste and aluminum through a web application, mobile and sms.


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Introduction Video

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

The market in which we operate is very large and expanding in terms of customer base and geographical scope. This market is segmented into six: - households in neighborhoods and cities benefiting less from a daily service solid waste collection due to lack of access routes or other unidentified problems; - schools and universities who are confronted with the problems of insalubrity and hygiene, from whom we will go to do the cleaning and collection of waste; - Plastics and paper industries from whom we will sell our raw materials (granulated plastics, aluminum cans, etc.); - Municipalities from whom we will sell our door-to-door collection services of solid waste; - Companies and individuals from whom we will resell our pavers made from plastic bags and bottles; - Farmers and agricultural cooperatives whom we will sell our green manure.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

CleanPro is a start-up that puts technology at the service of recycling and revalorization of plastic and solid waste through a web application, mobile and sms. It responds to the major problems of solid waste management in major African cities in general, and Gabon in particular, by providing municipalities and households with an ecological waste management solution by transforming waste into raw materials, enabling production Fertilizers, paper packaging and high-value plastic equipment, thus creating added value. Through our innovative and exclusive process, 4,000 tons of waste will be converted annually, giving households and businesses an opportunity to capture the value of their waste while providing a reliable supply of materials for local and international industry. Also, through a simple touch on our mobile application I-Collect, a person using our platform is geo located in real time and in less than thirty minutes, we come to recover its plastic and solid waste. In return, we reward households with redeemable points based on the volume and quality of recyclable materials they provide. Indeed, the concept is first of all to contribute to the development of a sustainable agricultural model in Gabon, allowing farmers access to green fertilizers, in order to stop the use of chemical fertilizers. Secondly, to combat the insalubrity and hygiene in large cities and schools, by initiating the collection of plastic waste that will be transformed into PET for the manufacture of plastic materials on the one hand and for sale to plastics industries, somewhere else. And finally, to limit the risks of hygiene and sanitary through a door-to-door collection and selective in partnership with the municipalities, with households inhabitants the sub-integrated neighborhoods and cities.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

we believe that your features will create success because the offer proposed by CleanPro is part of a process of continuous improvement of sanitary conditions and hygiene of households, learners and professionals, based on solid waste recovery and sustainable development. This offer whose value proposition is based on the following axes: - Technical assistance to buyers of our composts: Indeed, our agronomist will bring his expertise to the farmers who will buy our composts when needed; - The technological aspect: The project involves a major technological innovation in the waste bins and web and mobile applications that we will make available to households for the collection of waste. Indeed, they will be equipped with GPS chips that can send SMS to pick up services when they are full. - Recycling of our waste: All our waste (green, plastic bottles and bags, papers, etc.) will be transformed into semi-finished products (plastics and compacted papers) and finished products (Composts, biogas and plastic equipment); - Improving the living conditions of households in disadvantaged neighborhoods: Through our selective collection and door-to-door waste in partnership with the municipalities, we will remove the health dangers of the populations, thus improving their health conditions, Sustainable development; - Job creation: Thanks to our offer, Gabonese young people and Africans with little or no qualifications will find jobs to ensure their employability and their social and professional development; - The competitiveness of our prices and the accessibility of our services on the market: Qualified offer accessible because it answers the major problems of solid waste management in deprived neighborhoods that do not benefit from the daily collection, and competitive in Whether the price charged is an affordable price.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our action plan! For the first two years of our activities, we will focus exclusively on the city of Owendo with the opening of a first waste treatment center. This perspective will allow to develop a base in the commune. This will ensure that there is sufficient business to achieve the financial stability necessary for any future development. A future that we consider relatively close, given that we will start on a very small scale to establish ourselves as of the fourth year in the city of Libreville, Akanda with the opening of a second waste treatment center and possibly elsewhere on the national territory. For this, we will proceed by the following steps:  In the first stage, we will concentrate exclusively in the pre-collection of waste treatment  In the second phase, we will start by the end of the third year, the service of transformation of our raw materials into composts, paper packaging, and biogas.  The third step will be to launch, as of the sixth year, our cleaning service, (and maintenance of green spaces, the integration of cleaning women in public and private administrations, and in households.