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    Date submitted
  • 22-Apr-2017



Safiri mobile application acts as a marketing tool for local events, leisure companies and tourism activities in Tanzania. Safiri App is the easiest and most convenient way for tourist and travelers to plan an eco-friendly safari to Tanzania via Tanzania Green Eco-Tours and Travel Limited, and other leisure companies in Tanzania. The Mobile application omits any hassles for tourists and travelers planning to visit Tanzania for leisure, tourist activities and local events.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our customers are travel/leisure businesses, natural and cultural places, events and local and international tourists in Tanzania.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Safiri mobile application addresses the problem of tourists and travelers having to hassle through a long list of travel/leisure companies and events/destinations planners in Tanzania. The mobile application addresses the issues of poor marketing strategies employed by local tour companies and event planners in Tanzania. Tanzania is yet to have an innovative mobile marketing tool for its local tourism business. Tanzania is yet to have an innovative mobile marketing tool for its local travel/leisure business together with the problem of low employment and awareness in tourism and leisure industry in Tanzania.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Developing an appealing and unique tourism mobile application to capture bloggers, users and travelers planning to visit Tanzania.The best way to make the tourism mobile application appealing is by branding the tourism mobile application so that it is more competitive and easy recognizable to the public users. Safiri application must be accessible to all smartphone users. The application will be an appropriate platform for all smartphone users. Safiri app is to use an intuitive version, so that it can ensure that the users have or get what they wish or want instant. Sharing the market price is essential success of the idea. The application will have two version, whereby for local users it will be free while for international user it will be charged less than a dollar to subscribe. Safiri app is fun and engaging to all its users and have different language directories to suit all users. Safiri app must maintain its users by forming a sociable and recognizable reviews to the users about the tourism mobile application. I believe that having a flexible and appropriate platform for the tourism mobile application users; it will enable the scale of the mobile application development and the usages to increase management and the performance of the application. I also believe that the mobile application data to be well secured across devices and networks. That means Safiri app data must be well secured to avoid intruders and viruses when transferring money for traveling and events booking in Tanzania I believe that first impression will always count. I believe with a great User Interface (U.I) for the Safiri app the product innovative and applicable to all travelers to Tanzania.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

The m-traveling application will execute and help the idea to be successful, firstly because the idea is good, as it will support smartphone users to choose and suggest any destination, travel agents, tour operators, hotels, lodges, campsites, pub and clubs, local communities, youth entrepreneurs and development events. The idea won't be restricted to travellers or tourists, tour operators and accommodation facilities. The second is having good attitude towards the business or idea by implementing enthusiasm and optimism. It is vital to have a positive attitude and emotion towards such a brilliant business idea. If we fail to put enthusiasm, it is obvious that the difference won't be made by the idea. The third is having a good plan or strategy on the way the idea or product will operate and how it will grow. In that respect the idea will have a well marketable business plan, marketing analysis, product strategy and financial plan in order to make the business idea successful. Fourth the company will have a well respected and timed customer services support. There will always be people who need help with their download, or have general pre or post-purchase questions. The two things that make us more advantageous toward others on the tourism mobile application on the market is that the mobile application will promote local tourism business and provide easy access to products and service. Meaning that local brand’s name and logo will be on the screens of thousands of consumers all over the world. That will reinforce its awareness, familiarity with its products/services and help increase sales and visits. In addition, the tourism mobile application will be convenient way to access your services and products 24 hours a day, anywhere, at anytime. The second is that the m-travelling application will offer online booking systems and will create a new way to attract customers. In that sense, the mobile application will assist and suggest to clients where and how to book hotel rooms, buying travel packs, tickets for shows and other services connected to tourism through apps. In that respect, by offering an online booking service the mobile application will give users an opportunity to purchase what you are selling anywhere, at anytime and in a simple and convenient manner. The mobile application will provide information about your region and all the things it has to offer, by giving it more visibility and helping increase the number of visitors by not only exposing it to a million audience, but also presenting it to the world as a dynamic and modern region that meets the consumers’ needs.