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    Date submitted
  • 08-Jul-2017



Anamehani.com is a social labor marketplace aims to connect vetted community-based workers with households, companies and organizations covering their everyday need. The business also aims to provide freelance laborers (professional and otherwise) with employment opportunities in many different fields such as plumbing, welding, painting, decor, electrical engineering, gardening and many others; and provide them a space to cultivate professional networks and experience.


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

• Individuals& households • NGOs and commercial companies • Telecommunication and Bank sectors • Corporations and institution centers

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Unemployment continues to rise in the Middle East region and especially in areas of conflict, and many qualified workers struggle to find jobs in their local markets leading to many social frustrations. Anamehani provides all individuals who have good vocational skills and demonstrated trustworthiness with job opportunities to start earning decent income. There is also a rising demand in domestic everyday services by households and companies that face a great transactional cost in identifying competent laborers for a huge variety of services that especially include solar systems installation electrical wiring, small construction work contractors. So there has been a gab in the market for an aggregator of everyday services that Anamehani platform is addressing.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

For a social business to have an impact on a community, it should at least have a positive sustainable change to that community in any way possible. Coming from this believe, Anamehani is mainly designed to provide sustainable solutions for any target community that have positive long lasting impact that develops its vocational industry market in a way that is connected to develop the : • Communities’ economy by reducing employment rate for idle/minored workers who aren’t given much attention and are of a huge percentage in developing communities Through generating job opportunities through Anamehani . • Communities vocational market by orienting, training and providing workers to be better skilled and provide the community with more efficient services to companies, organizations, or individuals which in its turns changes the image of such market segment making any worker through Anamehani a worker that is reliable and trustworthy which also helps workers to get more work chances. Also by creating a completive environment as workers will be rate on their services publicly leading workers to take their jobs more seriously which is something workers don’t pay attention to most of the time. • Vocational workers community life as by getting trained, becoming more skilled, being well represented, and being provided many channels of access (Online- Mobile- SMS) , workers get a chance of getting a better more chances of earning better incomes that will help them provide their families proper life necessities such as food, housing , health and education especially for their children. • Community’s productivity level by developing and facilitating real skilled workers who can be access to at any point of the day which saves people’s spent time and effort to find a good worker wither they are companies, organization, individuals, or any one. Now that Anamehani provides this, they will waste their time and effort , they will actually save themselves such a headache and focus more on what they need to do in their practical life .

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

The wonderful thing about Anamehani is that more than one thing makes it sustainably scalable having the possibility to easily expand grow when its revenues significantly without equally increasing its cost base. First, Anamehani is highly specialized and focused on marginalized workers who are always in great demand , but are actually not well represented nor well updated on their own skills. Anamehani does develop their potentials and skills so they can perform satisfactory services for their customers. Second, since Anamehani helps workers to be up to date with their skills and knowledge and trains in other needed work aspects such as marketing , communication ...etc ,it makes it valuable to customers who would be amazed by the change those workers have which allows Anamehani to be a credible source to go on and on producing better workers that would in its turn generate repeatable work requests that generate more revenues with basically the base costs. Third, Anamehani is extensively accessible to all no matter what technology they have, We have thought of every channel people can reach us with, we are on internet through a website , mobile through an application and an SMS gateway for those who have no smart phones and we are also available through office calls. Such channels allow us to generate revenues through the potential received requests and through web and mobile app advertisements that can be tailor made for construction material companies ,spare parts companies, paint companies , and other companies that sell tiles, cement, pipes ..etc. which makes Anamehani create a focused advertising model that serves these companies in reaching their segments directly instead of advertising outdoors or through T.V , radio , or magazines. We also get a 70% revenue share of the total revenue made through the SMS service provided through the telecommunication companies. Fourth, the vocational workers market is a raw open market especially in Yemen allowing us to get a big market share before copy cats start copying us. Fifth, we have been branded as the social enterprise brand and source by local and international organization such as the UNDP, GIZ, SMEPS, and many others in the country which helps us sell our services confidently fast. In addition to the fifth element ,the fact that we come to solve marginalized workers also adds up to the brand as being impactable to the community and any group they has anything to do with workers such as the vocational ministry. Finally and most importantly, the possibility of expanding and growth to other markets is easy since we are mainly an online network that can be implemented in any part of the world as workers can register online or through the app not having to spend with no much cost of what revenue we can potentially get .