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    Date submitted
  • 29-Feb-2012

Noosphere Media


“Noosphere,” from the Greek root noos, is “the collective sphere of human thought.”

Noosphere Media will develop technology to capture and promote the intellectual aura – the “noosphere” – of a college or university. Colleges and universities will build online ‘communities of thought’ via their branded noospheres, promoting a collective voice and a distinctive presence on the internet, thereby expanding their global reach and impact.

Vital educational institutions produce significant intellectual content. Photos, scholarly articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs are just some of the content generated. This diverse intellectual capital – arguably a university's greatest treasure – is currently totally under-utilized. It remains buried within siloed archives and learning management systems, or is salted, willy nilly, across the internet’s myriad specialized repositories.

The intellectual discourse surrounding an institution of higher ed -- from dense thought pieces to round-table discussions captured on video -- gets neither the “airplay” nor the interplay within and beyond the organization that it justly deserves. Rich content withers in isolation; it flourishes through engagement.

A noopshere provides the technological solution -- well beyond the function of a web site -- to focus and concentrate this intellectual capital, engaging and interconnecting the institution’s networked community, and opening a gateway to share this abundance.

Technology allows prospective and current stakeholders to transcend the physical borders of an educational institution. A noosphere allows stakeholders to co-create an institution's dynamic intellectual capital -- its aura.


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