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  • 12-Mar-2018



Birthpedia (Registered Trademark) is a subscription based content provider of pregnancy, birth & baby delivered in short videos from birth professionals. We are in the Health Tech field as we use practical technology to reach a community who is looking for health related information. We have over 100 contributors who have spoken on camera and signed release releases to provide FAQs on subjects of conception, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum and newborn care.

Birthpedia has the world's largest video library of birth experts.

"Imagine having a Harvard OBGYN answer your specific question/concern for only $8 a month. We are changing how providers and patients intake information about birth where any pregnant woman can get answers by qualified professionals" - Co-Founder Justine Tullier

Being pregnant is a life changing time where 4 million moms each year spend money trying to optimize their health & lifestyle (baby care market is 66B domestic). Instead of books and magazines about their maternity care, they now download pregnancy apps, join online groups & research Google for information. But "Dr. Google" is poorly vetted, online groups are filled w/ biased moms and pregnancy apps are limited to text info. Birthpedia is the answer to help guide new moms to a better birth by showcasing expert birth professionals answering direct FAQs about birth on their phone via video.


Be a global change agent in the field of pregnancy and birth.


Help expectant & newborn parents make informed decisions by providing quick, qualified & current information about birth from a neutral/judgment free place.


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Introduction Video


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our customers are millennial pregnant moms who have an OTT subscription (Hulu, Netflix, HBO etc). They are technology savvy moms who understand the value of video and are paying for it. They are also new moms who want to get their info quick and verified. They are looking for healthy and better ways to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, not feel pain during labor & delivery, looking to avoid a C section, looking to have a safe C section, they want their baby to latch during nursing and how to change a diaper properly. They ask their friends on social media some questions but then Google the questions they are embarrassed to ask their friends or forum. They throw away the material/handouts they get at their prenatal appointments. They've heard of Lamaze but have no idea what it really is. They want to stay in shape or not get stretch marks but are uninspired by what they've read or watched. They don't like DVDs, they love their phone. They live on their phone. They post pictures each week from their profile showing off their belly on Instagram. They are scared of labor but want a healthy baby. They trust their doctor but are nervous to ask them certain questions or forget to ask at their prenatal visits. Their partner wants to help but doesn't know how. They've heard of a doula, but don't know the difference between a doula and a midwife.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

POOR CONTENT & ACCESS TO BIRTH INFORMATION Poor content - it is text-based, disjointed, biased or dated (BabyCenter’s app is text based and dated) Poor access - it is buried in Google, books, in person classes and texted based apps. Non-relatable - Message boards are filled with moms shaming other moms. Moms are not reading handouts from providers. There are very few childbirth education videos currently marketed towards Millennials. Expecting women just don't read the handouts during their prenatal visits. They don't read books. They don't like to read much at all... They live on their phone and watch videos. But they download the Baby Center app (29m downloads) and want a healthy baby. They just don't want to spend hours researching or reading. They also are embarrassed easily and want answers quick and accurate. BY-PRODUCT PROBLEM Uninformed parents hinder provider and hospital efficiency in labor & delivery. BIRTHPEDIA SOLVES THE PROBLEM -We don't judge them. We don't provide forums for others to judge the either. -We provide relatable content that is shot in High Definition with experts speaking directly to them. -We deliver the content not in paper or email but in an app/website that is easy to navigate on their smart phone. -We GIVE away the most relative content to their initial query (SEO'd page result) to minimize subscription friction -White-labeled hospital app encourages parents becoming informed Birthpedia serves the 4 million + moms a year who give birth in America. Eventually we will market globally.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

THE CONTRIBUTORS: influencers who have become ambassadors For 5 months, we traveled the country interviewing birth professionals, some who are quite famous and renowned. They are influencers in the birth world however now they are contributors of Birthpedia (ambassadors). With over 500k in social media followers/email list and their own practices of patients, these ambassadors are ready to share Birthpedia with their circle of influence. They have all signed release forms to be professional video recorded to benefit the end user and themselves with cross marketing. They receive no royalties, points or fees for their appearances on the website and app. Birthpedia also owns MidwiferyToday.com (over 139K FB likes) and will use their full influence to reach all the providers within their reach. We believe the Contributors will be the catalyst to launch the app. Other ambassadors will be in the form of new moms who swear by the app for deeply impacting their birth experience. We showed our promotional video at a birth conference and it ended in a standing ovation of over 150 influencers in the field of pregnancy and birth. WORLD'S LARGEST VIDEO LIBRARY OF BIRTH EXPERTS Expectant Parents want quick answers from a trusted source. Our qualified birth professionals are experts in their field and have insight that is backed up by research, evidence and experience. These experts are: PhDs, OBGYNs, Midwives, Lactation Consultants, Doulas, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Fitness Instructors and much more. Their 1 to 2 minutes answers per specific question reflects the trend in decreased attention span of upcoming generations as opposed to long form DVDs. DR GOOGLE We have implemented a "leaky paywall" which allows for our content to be indexed by search engines such as Google but content is limited to a select number of page views. After say, 3 pages viewed, the viewer is prompted to sign up. For example, they could sign up for a day at $.99 or a month at $8.99 or a year at $60. We believe the quality score of our pages will be high and will receive first page rankings to specific questions. First page rankings lead to more unique visitors which will see our content and funnel optimized for conversion. TECH We have built our back office in Wordpress with a theme called Newspaper (which is used by many news outlets and publications). We also work with ZEEN101 to handle the paywall, shell app, payment gateways, multisite ready and subscriber management. We use Vimeo for the video hosting and analytics. We use survey monkey to constantly revise and refine our answers. We are also have hospital branded apps that are "powered by Birthpedia" ready for distribution. One location for changing content: By using this model we are able to log in to Wordpress and change/edit information and it will cross pollinate over the site, app and white-labeled hospital app. We can scale quickly because the onboarding model is automated. Our content is self-accessible. The only time we will need to engage the user is if they have account/functionality issues. We do not have message boards that need monitoring. We will have a back end support ticket to address issues/bugs.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

1. We will execute a successful launch by featuring a new contributor everyday on social media to reach their market of 500K followers. 2. We market through the magazine and online presence of Midwifery Today. 3. Through highly SEO'd content, we will reach moms "googling" for specific FAQs. What gives our team an advantage over companies like Johnson & Johnson (Babycenter.com)? We are small and easy to adapt to market trends. We have the attention of America's birth community who are ready to be loyal to our brand. We don't push products, we push pertinent content. Justine Tullier- Is a certified Childbirth Educator who is well connected in the birth professional community. She has a BS in Organizational Communication. Additionally, in April 2018 she will be introduced as the new CEO of Midwifery Today; a leading educational global resource for birth providers. Through her new position at Midwifery Today, she will be able to reach a growing community of Birthpedia subscribers. Midwifery Today will become a vital catalyst for market penetration and thus an extension of Birthpedia. https://www.linkedin.com/in/justine-tullier-8a8265154/ Gabriel Tullier- Has an MBA in Leadership. He is a creative director who has launched brands and worked with global brands such as Budweiser, American Express and Stouffers Frozen Food. He has worked in Broadcast Television as a producer as well as producer of national commercials. He has built many websites and developed successful funnels for lead capture during his tenure with creative agencies. Together Gabe and Justine cover all aspects necessary to lead a team to bring about change in the field of birth. In May 2017, they moved out of their 5 bedroom house, sold everything that couldn't fit into a minivan and went on the road interviewing birth professionals. With Justine as the lead strategist and Gabe in charge of execution, they are poised to cause a large splash in the maternity & baby care market. Start Up Advisor: Dr. Steven Stewart, Ph. D- Professor in the Management School at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Stewart is on board to provide consultation as needed to help navigate the pitfalls and obstacles that many start ups face.