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    Date submitted
  • 30-Oct-2017
  • IT

DOKSTA Medical Education Company


Doksta is a medical education company that provides full spectrum of online educational services that guarantee success for the Nigerian medical student. Through our all-inclusive, user-friendly, on demand, mobile/web-based educational app, we provide comprehensive board preparation materials that guarantee increased pass rates, an online networking community that fosters collaboration among students, and a recruitment platform that ensures that well trained physicians can access high quality jobs on graduation. Our board preparation materials include high quality, thoroughly vetted question, answer sets, and illustrative diagrams, along with technology that allows students to tailor their learning to their individual strengths. Perhaps the most unique feature of this tool is that our question sets are curated and reviewed by faculty from various institutions across the nation. This design allows faculty to emphasize concepts they feel are most important, saving the student significant time and effort. We also host virtual classrooms and blog pages where faculty can teach, share articles, recommend lectures and suggest exam preparation tips. Our online community provides students with access to medical students and professionals both within their local institutions and across other medical institutions in Nigeria. Through this service, students can engage with colleagues, organize study groups, and stay updated on the latest research and advances in the medical field. Students can also share study tips that worked and best practices for success. Finally, our recruitment service ensures that students are aware of the most attractive job opportunities in the area and have direct access to recruiters and potential employers. Our overarching goal is to increase pre-exam confidence levels, post-exam pass rates, post-graduation employment, and most importantly solve the problem of poor physician preparation that translates to a less competent workforce and terrible health outcomes for patients.


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