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    Date submitted
  • 31-Oct-2017

PUKIO, perfect water producer


Our proposal consists of equipment for obtaining clean liquid water from atmospheric air by condensing the present steam, this mechatronic system works with electrical energy obtained from renewable sources, optimizing the amount of water that can be obtained in different climatic conditions and floors altitude. This water can be used to clear land, previously waste, for crops especially on the coast and highlands of Peru, places where there is an abundance of land without water or whose sources have been contaminated, as well as contributing to the raising of domestic animals in livestock activities. The objective of the team's participation in the fund is to obtain financing, to develop a prototype with the capacity to produce 1000 liters of clean water per day with the supply of renewable energies as a complement to conventional irrigation sources, so that it is reduced vulnerability to weather conditions in cases such as the child phenomenon. This prototype will be part of the product development process with the ability to provide clean water to producers in a sustainable manner.

It is proposed in the long term, through the establishment of close links with farmers and breeders, to contribute to improving the competitiveness of their products, providing them with close support in the technification of their work for the efficient use of new resources. In this way, the technology itself is improved based on co-creation and the search for new solutions aimed at satisfying the particular needs of the producers. All future activities of the team will be based on the socio-cultural conditions of our country, our knowledge, experience in the use of technology and change management. The work team is made up of professionals from the areas of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, agro-industry and health, all of them with master's degrees, and specializations in strategic business administration and mechatronic system development. We put our skills, knowledge and experience at the service of the agricultural producers of Peru.

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