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    Date submitted
  • 30-Aug-2017



ENVERACE is the talent pre-selection and recruitment agency focused on the domain of environmental management, science, and eco-innovation.

We transform environmental job posts into intelligent candidate pre-selection tools through the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button with comparative analysis algorithms and candidate-job Suitability Score behind it.

The Button helps GreenTech companies and environmental organizations avoid the burden of analyzing multiple complex applications and instantly get the most suitable candidates.



Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Green Tech companies and environmental organizations in need for the most suitable specialists and researchers for their environmental jobs.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

The general problem we address is the challenges and high costs of achieving sustainable development, especially in terms of environmental sustainability, due to many startups, projects, and initiatives fail, caused by unsuitable and unqualified people working on the jobs they are not committed to. More specifically, what we help our customers, Green Tech companies and environmental organizations, to solve is the “pain” of much time, costs, and efforts spent on analyzing multiple complex applications and generic CVs just to find the most suitable candidate to invite for a job interview. We also tackle the customers’ opportunity costs of doing routine pre-screening job when they can focus on other important and more intellectual activities, like onboarding and training the new employees. Finally, we help them address the challenge of bequest costs of selecting and recruiting unsuitable candidates that can be quite damaging to the customer. Read more about different aspects and manifestations of the problem at our Blog: https://enverace.wordpress.com.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

ENVERACE combines simplicity, modern trends in gamification and AI for engagement and immediate feedback, and professional focus on the domain of environment and Green Tech fueled by our passion. SIMPLICITY: In contrast to other recruitment-related solutions, we try to keep it simple yet smart for our clients to understand and trust the product that we offer. While the ENVERACE Button has some extensive “mindwork” and algorithms integrated into it, on the outside it looks as simple as a button doing intelligent pre-selection work. GAMIFICATION AND IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK: It is important for a candidate applying for the job to stay engaged and committed throughout the application process and give information about him-/herself in an organized and reliable manner. To achieve this we integrate the elements of gamification into the pre-selection tool, stimulating the applicant to proceed further and give only the most important and suitable information without getting bored and tired. It is also important for him/her to know his/her chances of getting the job applied for, so we integrate the automatic immediate feedback into the tool. PROFESSIONAL FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT: We do one thing, and we strive to do it at the best possible level. While other recruitment agencies deliver their solutions to development / design / sales / marketing / finance jobs, we focus on the domain that is most challenging but that we are most passionate and knowledgeable about: environment, eco-innovations, and Green Tech. This allows us to perfectly understand the needs of our customers and deliver the very personal and suitable solution to them.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

ENVERACE is developed by a team of environmental researcher + developer and experienced recruiter + communicator. At the current level we have the necessary set of knowledge and skills to deliver the current version of our solution. We understand both sides of our business: the paying customer (company or organization) and the applying environmental specialists, because while being environmental economy researchers and conservationists, we also need our solution for talent recruitment for the organization MEGA, which ENVERACE as a spin-off startup emerged from. We also have extensive experience in recruiting for a number of organizations (AIESEC, JCI, MEGA) and for running startups. Previously we have co-founded startups Dreamups and 3D Magic Makers and have contributed to startups ArtCycle and Things. So, there are many lessons learnt then that we invest in ENVERACE now. Last but not least, we have completed 2 pre-accelerator programmes, Rockstart Launchtrack Moldova (https://www.rockstart.com/launchtrack-moldova) and Founder Institute Chisinau (https://fi.co), where we came together as a team and validated our idea, problem, product, and market.