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  • 02-Sep-2017



Kateřina is 26yo medical doctor and young entrepreneur currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. During her studies at the First Faculty of Medicine and Harvard Medical School she founded a non-profit organisation Loono with the mission to motivate people to think about their health in time after her personal experience with cancer.

Katerina and her team other med school students, young doctors and other professionals run creative media campaigns and educational workshops in schools, companies and cultural festivals in order to spread the awareness about breast and testicular cancer as well as heart attack and other diseases. With more than 20,000 people trained, dozens have already identified cancer in early stage.

Thanks to educating the public med student consider prevention as an important part of medicine and are able to express empathy and honest interest in patients. Moreover Katerina’s team is trained in public speaking and other soft skills which help them to become better physicians in the future.

Loono has already received many grants, successfully finished two crowdfunding campaigns and is currently looking for a seed investment in order to grow in the CE region and the US.

Katerina herself won the Social Innovation Social Marie Prize and was endorsed as a young leader in 30 under 30 by Forbes Magazine as well as one of the 25 Czech People of The Year 2016 and finalist of CESA in category Most Influential Woman. She is TEDx speaker also.

Katerina believes that innovations and technologies can change the health care system for the better and she is eager to learn more about it from people all around the world as well as develop partnership with other entrepreneurs and organisations.


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