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  • 23-Sep-2017

A4 Clinics


A4 Clinics is a positive social impact venture with the aim to launch 200 advanced neuro-rehabilitation centers with robotics across India over the next 36 months.

1.6 million people in India EVERY YEAR suffer from a brain attack called stroke leading to paralysis. Of these 500,000 every year will have residual disability for life. Another 1.5 million every year have disability due to brain injury from accidents.

Science tells us that intense proper rehab such as robotic rehab can repair the damaged brain and restore function and dignity for these patients. American Stroke Association strongly recommends robotic rehab for upper extremity for stroke survivors.

Unfortunately, In India, either such facilities are grossly lacking or are available only in big cities at an exorbitant price making it unaffordable to most Indians especially given their lack of health insurance.

With social justice and equality as our driving principles, we are transforming this scenario. For the first time in India, A4 Clinics is making robotic rehab affordable, accessible and scalable.

Our first clinic in Indore, Madhya Pradesh in Central India was launched in June 2017 and in the first 3 months, we have seen over 200 patients - from a truck mechanic’s daughter to a big businessman, improved clinical outcomes, and achieved operational breakeven.

Stroke happens in cities and villages, to men and women, to rich and poor. In next 36 months, A4 Clinics will launch 200+ Robotic NEUROREHAB Centers across India.

Ultimately, our business is to reduce the burden of "unnecessary disability" through advanced neuro-rehab and to provide HOPE to tens of thousands of patients with neurological diseases to gain their independence and dignity through A4 clinics.


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Who is your customer?

Patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrphy.