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    Date submitted
  • 17-Nov-2016

Broad based drug delivery platform


Advanced Resin Therapeutics (ART), is a specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel, resin-based, drug delivery system that promotes topical and transmucosal delivery of medications more efficiently and effectively than current technologies. The core of the Company’s technology, protected by a broad IP portfolio (11 issued, 28 pending patents), is the art and science of combining particular natural resins with specific medications to make them act quicker and for a longer period of time (than market leaders in a variety of categories) in a safe and effective manner. The mechanism of action has been delineated in the laboratory on a molecular level. Clinical trial results not only confirm faster onset and longer action than leading competitors in multi-billion dollar marketplaces, but safe delivery of medications for both its topical and transmucosal product lines. Given the breadth and diversity of market opportunities with the drug delivery platform, management is structuring the ART organization with multiple business units. This overall structure will allow for efficiencies in sharing resources such as legal and finance, but provide focus to the sales and marketing efforts. The ultimate outcome will be to maximum shareholder value with the potential for multiple liquidity transactions. ART’s lead product opportunity is NicoSwab™, a fast-acting, long-lasting nicotine replacement product (NRT) that outperforms market leader Nicorette Gum®, Quickmist®, and Nasal Nicorette® in pre-clinical and phase 1 clinical trials. According to a cross-over pharmacokinetic trial, NicoSwab™ acts approximately 2.5 times faster and 2.5 times longer than Nicorette Gum® (See Figures 2 and 3 below). NicoSwab™ is ready for immediate market launch in the $2.4B smoking alternative marketplace and is protected by issued and additional pending patents in the US and Europe. Trial batches have been manufactured and test marketed resulting in overnight success in over 100 U.S. retail stores. ART is seeking to raise $3M via a Series A financing to start the market launch of NicoSwab™. The funds will be used to grow distribution and build initial repeat sales for the product line. This round will also support regulatory approval of pipeline products, increased Research and Development for future products and support the Global expansion of existing market ready technologies.


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