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  • 05-Dec-2017



Strikingly, the limiting factor in many devices is heat management, and not the processing power. In so many applications ranging from medical devices and electronics to automotive industry and packaging, designing the system to remain in working temperature is crucial. Currently the only technology to dissipate heat effectively is to mount the heat source on a rigid substrate. However, we have innovated a flexible and stretchable rubber that has thermal conductivity approaching metals (Thubber). This material is softer than human skin and can stretch up to 7 times its initial length. Other approaches to increase thermal conductivity of soft materials, deteriorate softness and stretchability of rubbers. Thubber is 2-3 orders of magnitude softer and 5x more thermally conductive. We are in current discussions with multiple industries from rubber manufacturers and electronics to automotive and solar cells in order to embed Thubber in their designs. We are planning to manufacture them in house and send them to different industries.


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