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    Date submitted
  • 12-Feb-2017

A Capriccio


A Capriccio is an online business providing of a series of musical accessories for your instrument: vinyl stickers that are easily removed from the instrument wood, clip on accessories giving a different appeal to your instrument, and useful clip ons to make practice time more efficient and fun. Additionally, the website will have a selection of PDF sheet music of non-classical tunes like music from movies and video games, as well as radio tunes. The website itself will have an easily navigable interface with all the products sorted into comprehensive categories.

Our mission is to allow musicians to differentiate themselves more and claim their own identity. Musical instruments are designed in the say that makes it so everyone is uniform, but music is about individuality. Our products allow musicians to change their instrument to more imitate what their own personal style is. With clip ons, that don’t alter the sound, in all different styles from edgy to cute, performers can perform in style.


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

From the age 5 to 12 is our primary target market. That is the age where they are first being exposed to music, and where the biggest amount of change happens. Kids enjoy fun designs and patterns as well as accessories, acting as an inspiration for them to want to be more involved in music. As this company grows it will be a social necessity for each young musician to own an instrument sticker or the like. Teenagers will also be a primary target market. As a teen, the main focus is often individuality and differentiating oneself. Music also begins to gain a bigger following in highschool. A Capriccio’s products provide the means to accomplish the need for individuality. The designs we offer can mark one's own style and set an expectation for one's own personality and music style. These accessories and stickers promote self expression.