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    Date submitted
  • 30-Aug-2017



FreeBar provides carbon reinforced fiberglass piping for the oil and natural gas industry. Our patent revolves around a disclosed methodology that is able to produce nano-structured carbon particles which act as effective reinforcements. This methodology transforms carbon soot (which is a byproduct, making it abundant and cheaper than its alternatives) into carbon nano-structures. The benefit of this is that these carbon nano-structures can be used as an effective reinforcement for different kinds of composites. By adding a 1-5% concentration of carbon nanotubes to fiberglass, the end product would be a carbon reinforced fiberglass pipe. Our pipes eliminate corrosion without requiring a protective coating, this enables them to last nearly twice as long as traditional steel pipes. They also improve flow capacity, improve thermal expansion, and drastically decrease maintenance/installation costs. Our Inventor is Dr. Francisco C. Robles, and our patent application number is 20160001471.


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