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  • 04-Dec-2018



Project based learning (PBL) and maker education have gained a wider recognition nationwide. However, PBL is hard to teach, assess and deliver well. Key problems such as students being distracted from learning goals and difficult to grade individually still persist. There is huge need for a handy, built-for-purpose platform that is specially tailored to PBL settings. Our GoTracker system fills perfectly meets teachers' needs by scaffolding student in developing a clearer understanding of what their learning goals are for their project. Students could easily make documentation through our daily log function, receiving timely and targeted feedback from teachers, and viewing their progress on each goal through our visualized progress chart. Our initial field test in Winchester Thurston Upper School in Pittsburgh received great feedbacks. With a learning science research based approach to a hybrid teacher student goal setting tool and supporting assessment features, GoTracker specially targets at US secondary school market where project based teaching and learning is becoming increasingly widespread.


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