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  • 11-Dec-2017

Speech and Accent Academy


The Speech and Accent Academy is a Veteran Owned business that has helped students achieve precision, elegance and influence in their communication. It has offered private coaching, small group classes, seminars and corporate training for 17 years. The owner, former Air Force Captain Lisa Jeffery has also obtained a US patent on an invention called "The Articulator" - a small device that helps people articulate in practice -- the only one in the United States. Lisa is now a breast cancer survivor and would like to take her business to the next level and market The Articulator and create books and audio packages so that more people on a larger scale can benefit from her courses and programs.


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Introduction Video


Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

My customers are professionals in all industries who would like to improve their communication skills. I work with CEOs, top executives in the IT industry, financial institutions, lawyers, bankers. I also work with broadcasters and actors in accent reduction and articulation.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

People who speak English as a second language find it difficult to do public speaking in English and improve their articulation for broadcasting, fundraising, speaking to the public, advancing in their career. Learning to articulate in English for public speaking is a challenge. I help both native speakers and people who speak English as a second language build their confidence, overcome speaker anxiety and become more articulate. My training program and patented "Articulator" is a very successful program that have helped people succeed.