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    Date submitted
  • 19-Feb-2018

H24E Innova


We will develop and manufacture energy storage and clean fuel systems to convert excess power from solar/wind energy into chemical energy, hydrogen, at times when the electricity is at the lowest cost and when greenest.

Our solution is “H24E Innova”, a breakthrough hydrogen generation/power storage system that uses our patented Ultra-Short Pulse Laser (USPL) to generate on-demand hydrogen on site, resolving economic and complex issues of the existing system: water electrolysis. In comparison to water electrolysis, our product, a prototype completed, consumes only 50% less input electricity, is up to 70% cheaper by skipping hydrogen compression and logistics, and requires no pure water and no alkali as an input, no high-pressure hydrogen tanks which are costly. The USPL can also split even seawater, without desalination. Our solution allows many electrons as a mass within photo-catalyst run at an ultrafast speed, called the “Electron Avalanche Effect”. Hydrogen fuel cells are significantly efficient, up to 70% efficiency, while solar power’s efficiency is up to 25% and wind power’s and diesel generators’ are up to 40%. Another unique value proposition is that it produces pure water as a by-product, which, by adding some minerals, is drinkable and recycled as an input for regenerating more electricity.

To sum, the value proposition of our product is that it is more efficient than conventional water electrolysis, produces more stable electricity than wind and solar power, is cleaner than diesel generators, we already partner with leading manufacturers in Japan to manufacturer our product and received several interests from one of the largest companies, Japanese government and the EU.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our target customers are those who are seeking back-up power systems, as well as portable main power generators, that are clean, safe, stable, and efficient. The customers include offices, factories, yacht owners and Tesla owners, islands inhabitants and those in remote locations, those within CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) divisions, mining sites, environmentally-friendly events, military and more.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Hydrogen is an indispensable chemical, used in a number of industrial processes such as ammonia, petrochemicals, and electricity generation/storage. It may even become the predominant clean energy vector in future economies. To date, however, the production of H2 is challenging. Natural gas reforming, which is to date the most common and efficient production process, brings along a high carbon footprint. Electrolysis is the most widely used method to split water into H2 and O2, rendering a clean production. Nonetheless, the process is quite inefficient, costly and requires clean water. We developed and patented a highly efficient process to produce H2 with zero carbon emissions.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

We won: 1) the H.R.H. Princess Sustainability Award at SCG Bangkok Business Challenge/ Bangkok, 2) Hughes Hall Enterprise Award/University of Cambridge and 3) 2nd place in Houston Technology Center Asia Innovation Award (2018); selected to 4) Journey program by Climate-KIC, the EU; and won 5) 3rd place at IESE Impact Investment Competition/Barcelona. (2018) Finalist at: 6) Global Social Venture Competition/Paris, 7) Downing Enterprise/Cambridge, 8) King’s College Entrepreneurship Prize/Cambridge, 9) MIT Clean Energy Prize/Boston, 10) Clean Tech Challenge/London, and 11) McKinsey Venture Academy. (2018)