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    Date submitted
  • 19-May-2016



Daraty is a hardware toolkit that aims to teach kids the basics of electronics without the need for expert supervision. The kit is connected with a mobile application which includes interactive quizzes and child-friendly scientific content. This application guides the kids in their circuit design by detecting assembly errors, explaining how to correct them and tracks their progress.

We designed an integrated solution to teach kids the principles of electronics without the need of expert supervision. It combines both a hardware toolkit on which the children place their items and a mobile application on which the children receive immediate feedback about their circuit, thanks to our unique error detection technology. This application guides the kids in their circuit design, by detecting circuit errors and explaining to the kids how these errors can be corrected. This tight hardware-software integration is utilized by engaging games and quizzes which instruct the children to experiment a specific step and provide simple explanation of the underlying concept of electronics.

Our kit is designed to be children friendly and extensible. It uses animated cartoons to engage the kids in the learning process, and can support multiple languages (with our current focus on Arabic). New circuit elements can be introduced by means of additional plugins, in order to support building more sophisticated circuits. Our application will be customizable to support multiple difficulty levels, and will track progress of the children, and enable them to share their experience with or to compete against their friends.

We use standard test boards and electronic elements which are encapsulated with annotated containers to make them easier to use. These elements are easy to produce on a large scale. Additionally, our mobile application is easy to deploy and maintain and will support mainstream mobile operating systems.

Furthermore, we can expand our business by providing the content in multiple languages to target a broader market, and by developing new products to teach children new scientific fields such as physics and chemistry.

We believe that giving as many kids as we can reach the same opportunity to experiment, play, learn, inve

nt and have the engineering skills in an early age; will drive them into a better future and a successful career.


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