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    Date submitted
  • 03-Dec-2017

E-Cus: The citizen currency


We have the ambition to empower citizen and civil society through a social digital currency.

Thanks to our solution you can engage community behind the cause they support into the society. The user will be able to strengthen local business and support local community.

We forecast to connect over 150.000 people with organisation in Europe hence 18 months, and 1 billion across the world hence 3 years.

We benefit from a strategic position from the civic tech (digital democracy solutions) and the civil society organisation. This position help us to provide relevant information and connection between the solutions developed by organisation and the citizens. therefore we can link more esaily connection from the citizen’ need/ demand and the organisation’ projects. As Pia Mancini (Founder of Democracy OS world) said:

“We are 21st century citizen doing our very very best to interact with 19 st century-designed institutions, that are based on an information technology of the 15th century.”

Our solution solve the gap between the public expectations and the meet with the offer.

On top of that, you will see evolve your personal investment through data visualization and self improvement performance system. To improve what we are as a human being in offering visibility on our personal impact over society and environment.

The solution show the return on social, economic and environmental impact to the user over the time period. We provide us strategic information in order for the user to evaluate upstream the most reliable, valuable, sustainable project he would like to support. Based on the agility of big data we can bring tailor made solutions straight to the user.


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