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    Date submitted
  • 04-Dec-2016



TecSore (Technology transforming Social realities) is created to solve challenge social problems through technology solutions. The first approached problem by TecSore is the teen pregnancy in Colombia that affects directly the socio-economical development.Colombia has a high rate of teen pregnancy. Higher compared with other emergent countries. This causes a negative loop effect, that its results is poverty. TecSore propose a program to reduce the risk behaviour of teenager women, implementing a methodology to guide them in the creation and execution of a structure life plan support. To achieve this, girls take places in a process of empowering, sensitizing and learning guidelines to take decisions and set an structured objective and specific goals. So they increase their possibilities to have access to high quality opportunities at professional and personal level. All the process is supported in a hybrid technological structure between MOOC and a guide online mentoring.


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