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  • 07-Aug-2017

Waste recycling


Asaseafrica area of business is the collection, recycle/compost, and market waste from individuals, companies and municipality waste processing plants for use as a consumer good. Asaseafrica's business model presents an opportunity to segregate, separate and recycle landfill bound waste, save the landfill space, and give the consumer the opportunity to benefit from the many positive properties of the compost and other products gained from secondary material or materials in transit.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Asaseafrica's customer is composed of communities of typically 200–2000 families housed in building structures. Asaseafrica currently engages 986 households and a total of 2700 residents are registered.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Asaseafrica provides waste management, collection, recycling, skills training and workshops for junior and senior high graduates, individuals, youth groups, women’s groups and unemployed graduates as practical education and hands on practical solutions for WASH problems, especially open defecation and waste management.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

Asaseafrica's attributes to waste management and recycling of plastics and other materials which promotes a closed loop system with regard to open defecation, waste management and recycling include; Intensifying public awareness and education Political commitment Segregate waste at Source Production units set up within our waste management to produce assorted products and services Promotion of waste treatment and material recovery i.e. waste reduction, waste reuse and waste recycling. Composting Enforcement of laws and bye-laws The above attributes of Asaseafrica's cause is a one-off prompt effect, provided at least basic knowledge, stimulating some aspect of social influences and success in effective execution.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Asasseafrica’s team is a dynamic pool of young talent. We work with community collectors who collect and store plastics on our behalf till pick up days. These are casuals who go round in their spare time to assist us in our collection effort. They target streets, markets and lorry parks. We have affiliations with WASH institutions that guide our operations and fine tune our areas of specialty. E.g. of these institutions include USAID, ENTERWASH, VIA Water, FARIAD and the Dutch Embassy who all act as advisors and mentors. Asaseafrica's team has a technological advantage and is motivated by Asaseafrica solutions for converting waste at a nominal charge and recycling it into useful products. Our in-depth research pertaining to waste management techniques and energy conservation characteristics and its many potential uses is well advanced. The concept has been tested on a small scale and the results, upon analysis, were found to be high quality compost and biogas. Research is ongoing for the enterprise. Asaseafrica is working with groups and environmentalists to investigate the feasibility of using waste sludge material in aquaculture, biogas production and green building construction.