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    Date submitted
  • 18-Nov-2017



Although the industry is more sport-oriented, the introduction of the Songo(Awale,Kissoro,Ayo,Mancala....) game into the modern betting world is a new initiative that aims to promote the legacy of ancestral game that remains very attractive to african people. Although it is illustrated as a game of chance where many will be interested in the goal of making money, their dream will come true while contributing to an involuntary savings of the concurrent. The interactive online category is probably the most dynamic segment of the industry, but although the majority of african countries are not comfortably seated on new technologies this does not prevent the continent from standing out for its interest in gambling, hence the inspiration for a new game strategy profitable to all wants to make a place.

Our moto is "If you lose we save for you, if you win you make your concurrent save".


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Introduction Video


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