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  • 31-Aug-2017

Antarprerana Private Limited


Antarprerana, established on 2015 is a private company that supports entrepreneurs through investment and mentorship in Nepal. Through the core values of integrity, accountability, passion, collaboration and a focus on success, Antarprerana aims to strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal. The company aims to empower entrepreneurs, enhance investment climate and advance collaborations in Nepal so that the country can take advantage of joint efforts for economical prosperity.


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Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

Our customers are the entrepreneurs, who have just started their businesses. They are the one who are perfect in their field but lack business and managerial knowledge. Mostly our customers are the entrepreneurs who seek investment for the growth of the company. We have segmented our customer into two group mainly: Investment and Investment-Ready. Major clients fall into Investment-Ready group, who are pipeline for Investment group of customer.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

The companies that comes to us need investment opportunities and they seek growth in the company. So we invest in them and also be the partner in the company to strengthen their organizational system by merely giving ideas but not enforcing it. We also link them for partnerships, collaborations and joint efforts and actions to support the venture to grow. We provide mentorship and coaching to entrepreneurs who are looking to develop institutionalized, well managed and profit oriented companies. In addition to that, enhancing leadership skills of entrepreneurs and providing support to develop clarity and focus to run their companies is the value added service we provide to them. Antarprerana is trying to increased number(s) of healthy, professional and performing companies and increase number(s) of entrepreneurs making ethical and impactful initiatives.

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

1. Network and Collaboration -Building synergy of growing startups -Creating opportunity to collaborate and partner with local and global founders for knowledge based support - Creating Industry and market connections 2. Mentorship - We bring in the best and brightest mentors from local entrepreneurial ecosystem, corporations and leading innovations hubs around the world - Mentors that we bring, come from serial entrepreneurial and established startups on domain expertise. 3.Curriculum - We train and connect founders through our experts focused on business development, customer success, culture, sales gurus, startup accounting and strategy - We have been providing Linkages to National and International platforms -Supporting and guiding companies on investment slide decks 4.Investment -Growth stage startups is supported by program through in house investment as well as investment through matches. - We have been providing International linkages for grants, seed money, crowd funding, investment.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

Our team has been working in the same domain for the past 4 years. the network and the database of companies, mentors, partners, investors that we have created over the year is the asset to us. For linkage and network: we have capacity to match companies with right customer, partners, mentors, investors. Personal connection to the entrepreneurs has always been great retaining factor for our clients. It's because of personal touch in the service, we are able to generate referrals from our existing client base. Mentorship: We are team with different skill set and different exposure. This gives us power to analyze from different perspective and help during mentoring process of the companies. Our model and aim of investing is by creating entrepreneurial ecosystem. So by 2025 A.D. we will be investing 100 companies. Till now, we are already working with more than 25 companies in regular basis. These companies are either customer for other, stakeholders or partners. So, this harmony strengthen whole system in our circle. If one companies comes to our circle (lets say in current case), it can get to know other 25 companies directly. This number will keep on increasing. We firmly believe this ecosystem model is the strongest model than other to sustain and scale up in the market.