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    Date submitted
  • 05-May-2018

Digital Pharma


A major public health problem growing in SubSaharan countries . The sale of counterfeit medicines

is gaining momentum because of an unfavorable economic situation, varied supply chains, porous countries borders,

low purchasing power of the populations, bad control from repression services , the low density of

pharmacies in cities and even more so in rural areas ... etc.

In this context, between 700,000 and 800,000 people die each year in SubSaharan countries following

the consumption of drugs of dubious origin, while on the other hand and to just mention the case of Cameroon,

more than 91 million euros (60 billion FCFA) are lost each year by local companies because of this traffic.

It therefore seems urgent to set up a system to facilitate access to quality and cheap medicine available to patients

while allowing pharmacies to increase their sales volumes. Create a climate of trust and common interest between the patient and the pharmacist.

hence this project to set up a mobile application allowing the patient to be in contact with the pharmacist for all his health needs.

Bring the patient closer to the pharmacist by creating a climate of trust between the parties and by pooling the interests of

the parties (Education and monitoring of the patient's health on the one hand) and (increasing the volume of sales of the products of the

pharmacy on the other), all this through an ecosystem that integrates internet service providers, insurance companies,

mobile payment solutions providers, pharmacies and the community.


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Introduction Video

Additional Questions

Who is your customer?

The whole Community. All those who consume drugs for one need or another.

What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve?

Digital Solution for Fighting the Sale of Fake Drugs and Its Consequences in Sub-Saharan Africa

What attributes will make this idea/product successful? Why do you believe that those features will create success?

1- Free delivery of medicine at home. 2- Payment of drugs on delivery, at the same price as at the pharmacy, either in cash or via mobile money payment solutions widely used in Africa. 3- Possibility of Posting a prescription online, receiving advice from a pharmacist, health advice and education.

Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? What gives you (your team) an advantage over others already in the market or new to this market?

1- There is no such activity yet in place in Subsaharan Countries. 2- The idea is to put together various sectors an build an ecossytem made of Pharmacies, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Internet service providers, Mobile Money Service providers and the whole comminity made of all those who consume drugs for one need or another.