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    Date submitted
  • 15-Feb-2016

Fat2Fit Ghana


Established in March 2015, Fat2Fit Ghana is a fast growing weight management company, that is helping Ghanaians especially women to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through an active and healthy eating lifestyle.

Our flagship program, the Fat2Fit Challenge which already entering its 5th Season has helped hundreds of women move from an unhealthy to a healthy weight.

We also educate Ghanaians on the benefits and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle through books, our website, www.fat2fitghana.com, social media and mainstream media including radio, TV and newspaper. We also do a lot of speaking engagements at companies, universities, churches and other groups.

Founder has overcome his weight problem, moving from 130kg to 65kg and so can identify with clients. From providing weight management services to friends and family, Fat2Fit has grown to provide professional weight management services to hundreds of people as well as corporate institutions including banks.

The weight loss industry in Ghana is very young so prospects / ROIs are high.

The next phase of our business is to set up a one stop weight management center with gym facilities, a green restaurant, health shop, sports apparels shop and other facilities.



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Solving the ever rising global obesity crisis

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Founder has personally overcome weight problem (From 130kg to 65kg). This unique attribute make him relatable to potential clients. We also have a lot of success stories.